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Replica Rolex Daytona Watch


This two tone Replica Rolex Daytona watch was purchased from Aliexpress.com for around £12 about 5 months ago. Although Aliexpress have stopped allowing sellers to sell replicas DHGate.com still has them available. The dials all work as does the date adjustment via the buttons on the side of the watch. The bracelet is stamped with the Rolex logo:


The watch is not that heavy which tends to giveaway the fact that it is a replica. Those in the know will always look at the second hand and if it does not sweep round then it’s a replica. Unfortunately I don’t have £5000 to spend on a watch but i love the look of the Rolex’s so this is the only way I will ever get to own one!.


The rear casing of the watch is embossed with the Rolex logo. These watches have a quartz movement so they come with the battery installed.


Overall, a nice looking watch which looks a lot more expensive than £12!

You can buy similar watches on http://DHgate.com


You might notice that the Rolex logo is missing from the photos on DHgate but this is because they cannot show the logo on the site. When you receive your watch it will have the logo on the face. Like aliexpress you pay for your item but the seller does not get paid until you receive the item. If it does not turn up you will get a replacement or your money back.

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