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Vanbron Ladies Wallet Purse

purse 4

This purse was purchased from Aliexpress.com for £7.81. The purse came very well packaged in a padded envelope and the purse was wrapped in a padded wrap and tissue paper.

purse 5

The purse comes in 5 different colours, black, Teal, coffee, dark purple and grey. The purse is made from pigskin leather and measures 11 x 9.5x 2cm.

purse 4

The stitching on the outside of the purse looks neat and strong. The wallet part of the purse has a strong clasp and has spaces for 5 cards.

purse 2

purse 6

It also has a clear section for a driving licence or ID card.

purse 1

The coin section has a very strong opener. The inside of the purse is polyester with the Vanbron logo embossed on it. It looks a lot more expensive than what the price suggests.

Overall a very smart looking purse at a great price.

You can buy one here:


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