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Sony HDR CX240 Full HD Camcorder – Black


Sony’s HDR CX240 Camcorder uses Steadyshot image stabilisation so you can record amazing, flowing pictures. Its 1080p video capture lets you maintain smooth video quality while adjusting frame rates during editing. It also takes 9.2MP still shots and has a built-in USB 2.0 cable for easy file transfers.

Capture life exactly the way you see it. The cx240e handycam® features a powerful bionz x image processor, an exmor™ r cmos sensor, and a wide-angle zeiss lens.

The new bionz x image processor is fast, powerful, and reduces noise levels across the image. It works in tandem with a detailed exmor r cmos sensor to faithfully reproduce every aspect of the scene in precise, natural detail.

Whether close-up or panned out, capture the scene with extraordinary precision and clarity. A 29.8mm wide-angle vario-tessar lens by zeiss delivers the whole picture, just as you remember it.

Need to get closer to the action? that’s no problem with the cx240e. A 27x optical and 54x clear image zoom lets you get in close for those priceless moments without losing sharpness.

Camcorder model number CX240.

  • HD camcorder.
  • 27 x optical zoom.
  • 320 x digital zoom.
  • 2.7in LCD .
  • 1080p.
  • microSDHC and microSD memory card formats.
  • 9.2MP digital stills.


  • 1/5.8in CMOS sensor.
  • Intelligent scene mode.
  • Optical image stabilisation.
  • Timelapse recording.
  • Face detection.
  • Built-in lens cover.

General information:

  • Rechargeable battery requires 1 x rechargeable batteries (included).
  • Includes USB cable, HDMI cable, .
  • Weight 218g.
  • Size H5.7, W5.3, D12.8cm.
  • EAN: 4905524969429.



I purchased this camcorder from Argos for £129.99 for a relative for Christmas and obviously had to make sure it worked!…What? I can’t have them open it on Christmas day and it doesn’t work, wouldn’t be right!.

So, on initial viewing when unboxing, the box is quite small but expertly packed. Firstly, you have all the paperwork relating to the camera, like instruction manual and warranty details. The next layer reveals the camera, in a waxed type bag, the charger and the battery unit.

On examining the camera I found it quite small and light. The casing feels quite plasticy (Is that even a word?) and lightweight. I felt quite disappointed. I have an old Sony Handycam, which is, at least, twice the size and twice the weight and feels more like £140 worth! Nowadays, its all about getting things smaller so perhaps i’m not used to the modern way of thinking, I don’t know. But, mine does have the night shot feature which this one doesn’t…so there!

The battery is pretty easy to fit and on pressing the power button the camera bleeped and the setup screen came up straight away. Once I had input the time and date details the picture came up. The picture was very sharp and obviously good quality. The picture was steady and the zoom feature worked well giving a crystal clear picture. The built in USB charging cable is quite a nifty feature as it is built into the handle and allows easy transfer of your professionally shot family movie onto your computer.

I purchased a 64gb micro sd class 10 card from ebay for £4.99 to go with the camera, a camera case for it, again from Argos for £9.99 and a tripod from Ebay for £9.

Overall, I found the camera a bit flimsy, but it took a great image so I think my relative will be pretty happy with it.

Binatone U435 Satellite Navigation

Binatone U435 Satellite Navigation


This unit was purchased from Amazon for around £40. I wanted something simple as it was for my Dad for his birthday and he is not too techno savvy.

The box comes with the main sat nav unit, instruction manual, car windscreen holder and the car charging cable. What i did find odd was that there was no USB to USB cable with it to connect to your computer, but luckily I had one knocking around so not a major problem for me.


I checked the screen holder first and yes it fits, a good start.

The box claims that you receive full lifetime maps update so I thought I would make sure it had the most up to date maps on it. You have to download a program called NPlus, which is free and when you connect the unit to the PC it should also automatically download the windows mobile device program. Once that is done the software will connect to your device. I then checked the update button and it claimed that there were no new updates available. The maps on the unit are dated at 2015 so it is a bit bizarre that there is no update at all.

The unit turns on via a on/off button on the top edge of the unit and loads pretty quickly. It found the GPS signal quickly and found my position straight away.


The maps are fairly clear but a bit basic. Apparently it has speed camera alerts built in but not being able to update makes me wonder how recent they are.

This is a cheap basic unit for the novice sat nav user and seems to work ok.

The reviews on Amazon do not make for good reading and perhaps I should have read them first but hey-ho we will see what happens.

The unit can be purchased here:


Cordless Sonic Cleaner

Cordless Sonic Cleaner


I purchased this item from http://www.aliexpress.com for £3.40.

The item took 18 days to be delivered to the UK from China, which is about the average time. The item came boxed (see above) and in a padded envelope. The unit measures about 3.5 inches square and is made of hard plastic. It requires two AA batteries, not included in the pack. There are no instructions in the box but the seller provides instructions on the product page.

The unit can be used with water or without and vibrates at around 5800 waves per minute. It can clean jewellery, dentures, ornaments and braces.



There is an on/off switch on the rear of the unit.

I have tried this unit with one of my wife’s ring in water and it did appear cleaner than before but not where I would step back in awe at how bright it made the ring!

Although this unit is cheap enough, I’m not sure that it works that well.

More info here: http://bit.ly/2yJuaBR

Iphone Charging Dock

Iphone Charging Dock


Now, this docking station was one I purchased from http://www.aliexpress.com. If you have never looked at their site you might be very surprised. You can purchase one item or many of that item, its up to you. The price goes down the more you buy. The great thing about Ali is that they don’t pay the seller until you confirm that you have received the item, so your money is safe. If it does not appear then they will send another or issue you with a refund…easy! I have ordered, in the region of, about 80 items from there and only two have not turned up and I got a refund straight away. Delivery takes about 3 weeks to the UK.

This docking station is available by clicking on the photo above.

This unit sells for the mighty price of £2.92


The unit was packed into a padded plastic envelope and came in this presentation box

I have an Iphone 7 plus which i keep in a leather flip cover and it slotted nicely onto the connector with no problems. The unit charged my phone, so it literally does what it says on the box.The lead is a good length so I placed it on my bedside cabinet and it plugged into the wall without having to stretch the cable. It has a non-slip rubber base and the base has a tilted angle.

Overall a nice bit of kit and I have just ordered another one for the wife. They do them in a number of colours, black,blue, rose gold, gold and silver and for Iphone 7 plus, 7, 6 plus, 6S, 6, SE,5, 5S, 5C.


You can buy one here: http://bit.ly/2yM1N5Z

Shiatsu 310B Cordless Heat Massager






power adapter


Arm loop




adjustable arm loop


Charging socket


The item box

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I received this in the post. I have never used one of these even though I suffer with back and neck pain.

On unboxing I found a sturdy protective product box which was well protected in the outer box with bubble wrap and has the instruction booklet inside with the power adapter. The unit itself was quite heavy, made from polyurethane material, feels strong and seemed pretty straight forward to use. The control panel is three buttons on the right hand arm strap. The middle button is the power button, the top button controls the direction of the massage and the bottom button controls the heat. Heat is turned on by default so you can press that button to turn it off. Once on the massage unit is two sets of rotating massage balls, which give you a rigorous massage. The heat is quite nice as well and stays on for 15 minutes. I will update this review once I have used it a few times but it seems pretty good. This unit is selling for £49.99 on Amazon. If you suffer from a stiff neck then this is a good unit for you.I was quite surprised how hard the massage is but then I suppose it has to be to do any good.

Buy it here:



6 Piece Crochet Hook Set


Now don’t get the wrong idea, I’m not a user of these crochet hooks, nor do I partake of the skill of crochet,these were for my lovely wife and this will be a review from what she has told me about them.

She recently took up the hobby of crochet, which apparently is back in, and the great thing is that now anyone can learn anything new just by watching the top quality YouTube videos available. She purchased a crochet set from Ebay, but it only came with one hook so She asked me to source some more. Of course, the first thing I did was to head over to http://aliexpress.com and found this set straight away.


This is a set of 6 crochet hooks, made from strong aluminium with coloured plastic grips. They come in different sizes, apparently the smaller the hook the tighter the crochet. The sizes that the set comes in are 2.5mm, 3.0mm, 3.5mm, 4.0mm, 4.5mm and 5.0mm.


Overall, a brilliant buy, excellent value for money and a Brownie points in the bag with the wife!

How much do these bad boys cost? £1.41 with free shipping!

Head over to this store for these crochet hooks and many more products:



Clear Cell Skin Tag Removal


This is a skin tag/wart removal gel that i purchased from Aliexpress.com for £7.17. I had previously had some skin tag removed at my local GP’s, where they burn them off! Yes, they burn them off and it is not very pleasant! So, when I developed some more tags (I must have baggy skin or something) I immediately looked for a more civil removal process. Of course I headed over to Aliexpress to see what they had. I then found this product and for £7 I thought it was well worth a look.

The item turned up after about two weeks. On unpacking I found two bottles, one black and one with a clear gel in it. There was an instruction manual in the box, unfortunately it was in Chinese, so I went on a google search and found out that you apply the gel from the black bottle and then when the skin tag is removed you apply the clear gel as a sort of repair job.

There is no built in applicator so I used a cocktail stick to remove small amounts of the gel and pasted it on the skin tag. At first there did not seem to be any reaction and then you can start to feel a small burning which intensifies. It is not as bad as the time it was burnt off at the GP’s but still is fairly uncomfortable, but my thoughts were that at least it seemed to be doing something. I kept applying the gel for the next 10 days and could see the tag turn black and then eventually it fell off.I then applied the  clear gel on the small red mark that was left.After a few days there was no sign of where the skin tag was.

So, this product  really works, it is not painless but I was happy with the results.

You can buy this product by clicking on the photo below:



Clara Vida Custom Polarized Prescription Sunglasses


These custom made polarized prescription sunglasses were purchased from Aliexpress.com for £11.65. I had recently been to Specsavers to have my eyes tested for the first time and it ended up costing me over £200 for glasses. I needed glasses to drive as well as glasses to read and their prescription sunglasses were from £70. So, as usual I headed over to my friends at Ali Express to see if they did them. Of course they did (is there anything they don’t sell?) and for the sake of £11 I thought they would be worth a shot. I sent them the details of my prescription and about 4 weeks later my sunglasses arrived. They were well packaged and came in a case. I tried them straight away and they were perfect. I could see clear as day and they looked good as well. The nose rests are adjustable and they fitted like a glove.The lenses are made of polycarbonate and are anti-reflective. They have a high UV level of 400. The arms are strong and well made.

I am very pleased with them and will be ordering more when there have run their course.

Visit their store by clicking on this photo:



Smartnee Ladies Tote Bag


My wife is always on Aliexpress.com looking for even more bags and purses! She must be the Imelda Marcos of the bag world! And, of course, she really needs yet more so this one was added to my shopping cart, for the princely sum of £8.93, with the hope that I wouldn’t notice. She has had a number of bags from ali express and only one had the horrible fishy smell, which affects a small proportion of bags when they become damp. The good news was that she had an immediate refund from the seller.

This is a tote style bag, made of PU leather, measuring 37 x 30 x 13cm. It comes in 7 colours, Pink, black, teal, yellow, white, orange and red.

bag 1.jpg

It has a zip to secure the bag with a small exterior zip up bag which hangs outside the bag. The bag also has a mobile phone pocket inside and the bag is very strong. The stitching is good and my wife has had this bag for about 8 months now and it is still going strong.

The bag is no longer available from the seller I used but there are thousands more available from http://aliexpress.com so head over there and give it a look.

Adjustable 360 degree rotating tie rack



  • For storing ties,belts, scarves and such
  • Small size, big capacity
  • Anti slide design
  • 360 degree rotating hook
  • Plastic material, smooth surface, no smell


  • ABS resin
  • black or white
  • Size – 125 x 200mm

I purchased this tie rack from Aliexpress.com for £2.57 with free shipping to the UK.


The rack came well packaged. It was ordered on 18th February and arrived today 9th March 2017. It looks like a smart bit of kit, made from hard plastic and tilts both ways.

Not sure how long it will last but as long as I get 6 months out of it I will be happy for that price. My last one that I also got from Aliexpress lasted about 3 years so fingers crossed!


You can buy this tie rack here:


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