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Review of ThinkTeck Magnetic USB Cable High Speed Sync and Quick Charging Core with LED Status Display Support One – Handed Operation Inside the Car for Micro USB Devices,Silver

iphone cable 1

  • 2 in 1 magnetic usb charging cable, comes with 1 micro usb adapter and 1 lightning adapter for Android and Apple smartphones and tablets with standard charging and data transfer/sync
  • Magnetic quick connect to USB cable, one handed operation is convenient and flexible.
  • It is a simple yet perfect solution to prevent frayed charging cables, tripping over cable resulting in smashed phones, pointless fiddling to plug in cable in the dark, and more.
  • 3.3ft in length for better use.
  • Ideal for car use easy and safe.


I don’t know about you but I’m always running out of iphone cables. Either my children steal them when they visit or they just stop working, I’m not sure so I jumped at the chance to check out this new cable.

iphone cable 2

So this cable is for those of you that like the ‘Apple Mac’ magnetic cable that magically snaps into place without you having to fuss around trying to get the cable into the charging socket. Basically there are two small adapters, a male and female part that you slot into the charging port of your iphone or ipad. Then all you have to do is hold the cable near to that adapter and it snaps into place with ease. There is a small led light on the top of the charger which lights up red when your item requires charging and turns green when fully charged. You can either plug the usb end into your normal charger plug or into a USB port on your computer to charge.

Is there any disadvantage to this cable? The only one I could find was that I normally charge my phone in an iphone dock overnight so to do this I had to remove the adapter from the phone. As the adapter is very small it is quite easy to lose.

iphone cable 4

iphone cable

However, this is a very small point and one I can live with. I like this cable and would buy another when i need a new one.

You can buy one here: https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B01CLFW8VU


Review of Just For Men Control Gx 2-In-1 Grey reducing shampoo and conditioner

control gx

  • Just for Men Control GX Shampoo & Conditioner – Gradually reduces grey
  • Subtle, natural-looking results
  • Cleans, conditions, & revitalizes hair
  • For any shade of hair


FullSizeRender (8)

As you can see, I was starting to get really grey. I hadn’t really noticed as my hair is darker at the front but it wasn’t until someone took a photo in the office and I wondered who the old fella was in the background and suddenly I realised it was me!

I have tried hair dyes in the past but they just turned my hair orange, not a good look really! So I was under the impression that I didn’t really have a lot of choice and would have to go the rest of my career being called ‘snowy’ and ‘old man’.

That was until I saw the new Just for Men grey reducing shampoo and conditioner. This stuff doesn’t dye your hair after one application it gradually turns your hair colour so people don’t even notice.

I have taken a photo each day since I started to use it:


As you can see, this has been a very gradual colour change.

To use, you just wet you hair over a sink or bath, put a small pebble sized amount of the lotion in the palm of your hand and then massage it into your hair like normal shampoo. Rince your hands as soon as you are done, leave on for 1 minute and rince off thoroughly. Be aware that if you don’t rince your hands thoroughly you will end up with black fingernails! Use it every day until you get the desired result…easy peasy!

This is a great product and works perfectly, I would definitely recommend this product.

In the US you can buy it here: http://amzn.to/2rSZJl5

In the UK you can buy it here: http://amzn.to/2u7Kh5l


Roto Clipper Electric Nail Trimmer and Nail File, White & Green


I saw this advertised in our local supermarket on one of those JML video stands and needing a new nail clipper thought I would give it a try. This is the selling shizzle:

About the product
  • PERFECT, EFFORTLESS TRIM: The Roto Clipper electric trimmer is the safe way to trim your nails and is perfect for use on kids
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Designed for easy and pain free use on fingernails unlike your outdated manual nail trimmer RECESSED
  • ROTATING BLADES: Beveled blade spins at 500 RPM using one side to trim nails and one side to file nails
  • SMOOTH, EVEN EDGES: Built in light helps trim and file nails perfectly every time
  • WHAT YOU GET: One Roto Clipper Electric Nail Trimmer + One brush + A removable head for easy cleaning. The Roto Clipper is a great gift for both men and women for birthdays, Christmas, Valentines Day, or any other occasion
  • Note: If using it for several hours, nail trimmings can build up inside the device and affect the functionality. Need to clean the item after the use.Cleaning instruction is provided in the user manual.

Ok, So I don’t have the perfect finger nails, yes i have the disgusting habit of biting them now and again when I get stressed! As for my toenails, well lets not go there!

Anyway, I managed to get the clipper out of the adult proof packaging and slotted in my brand new batteries in the bottom section. Flicked the switch on the main body and hey presto! success, it worked. It sure looks good on the advert but what I failed to notice was that you need talons, not nails. There is a tiny slot in the top end where you are supposed to push your nail into. Well, not matter what I did I couldn’t get my nail in there far enough to do anything! Disappointing!

rotoclipper 1

So, not to be defeated I tried one of my toe nails. Now, these are a bit longer so I had high hopes. With great trepidation i pushed my toenail into the slot. There was a bit of grinding so I pulled my toe back and saw that it had chopped off a sliver of nail. But that was where my joy ended as unless you have flat nails you can only do the tips of them.

So, for me, a bloody useless bit of kit! As for the laser light:

rotoclipper 2

What this is supposed to do i’m not sure. It’s just a blue light, and pretty useless!rotoclipper 3rotoclipper 4


So unless you have long flat nails don’t bother wasting your money on this piece of plastic.

If you do have long flat nails you can buy one here: http://amzn.to/2rqLhA1

New Swimming Robot Fish

fish 9

100% brand new and high quality.

Can be used as fish in the fish tank act like real fish.

Also can be a good toy for babies and children.

A good gift for you own and others.

Item type: robot fish

Material: plastic

Color: red, orange, pink, blue, green

Power supply: 2 x AG13 batteries(contains another two batteries)

Size: 8*2.3*3.5cm/3.15”*0.91”*1.38”

Package includes: 1 x robot fish(contains 2 batteries inside the fish and another two batteries)

fish 6
I’m always on the lookout for new toys for my two cats (Yeah, I’m a complete softy) and I saw an advert for these battery operated fish and I thought wow, they would love them!
Now, I’m always looking for a bargain so looked on Wish.com and,of course, they had their cheap versions.
I paid £0.85 each and got two. The fish came very quickly, about two weeks to the UK. They were smartly packaged and come with a fitted battery and two spares.
We had already purchased a small plastic fish bowl from Poundland, so being very excited I quickly filled the bowl with water and ripped open the the packets.
You have to put them in the water and then press the two black rubber buttons on either side of the fish.
I got the fish working, the rubber tail flicks and pushes the fish around the bowl. They don’t really sink into the water and just swim around the surface.
The cats, especially Tilly took an instant interest in them and decided to play it cool for a few minutes before springing on the bowl and tentatively put her paw in the water.
For the next hour, her and Pickle stalked those fish, licking their lips to no avail.
Unfortunately the batteries ran out after an hour so this could be an expensive business!
Now, there are expensive versions of these fish and you get what you pay for, but for novelty value these are pretty good.
You can purchase these from http://wish.com or http://dhgate.com
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Small Wireless Invisible Bluetooth Mini Earphone S530


Stereo Dual Bluetooth Headset
The Bluetooth version: Bluetooth v4.0 + EDR
Mode: HFP\u00a1\u00a2HSP\u00a1\u00a2HD Voice\u00a1\u00a2Voice Prompts A2DP\u00a1\u00a2AVRCP\u00a1\u00a2IOS BATTERY STATE MONITOR \u00a1\u00a2Multipoint
Frequency: 2.4GHz
Transimit Power: Class 2
Adapter: AC Input 110-240V, DC out put 5V
Music Time: 3.0H about
Talking Time: 4H about
Standby Time: 110H aboutPackage includes: 1 x headphone, 1 x charging cable
This arrived in good time from China. I purchased it for £2.00 from http://wish.com.
On opening the packaging i found the earbud in a secure clear topped box
On removing the bud holder I found the small USB charging lead and an instruction manual., but who needs an instruction manual right?
I just pressed and held the large button on the front of the earbud until a small blue light started blinking on the bottom of the unit. I went to my iphone 7 Plus and checked the bluetooth in Settings and the phone had recognised the bud straight away(S530) so I just pressed on the S530 and then turned some music on from my music app. The earbud fits snuggly into your right ear and I heard music straight away.
This is a great item, not just because of the price but also because it actually works. Now you can always pay heaps of hard earned cash for Apple buds or you can get the same thing for just a couple of quid…You decide!
You can purchase one of these earbuds here:

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Mens Black leatherette Bentley Motors trouser belt


I purchased this belt from http://aliexpress.com for £5.75 about 6 months ago. The belt comes with a heavy gold plated metal buckle with a black face incorporating the Bentley Motors logo.

The buckle has a metal clip, which when pressed in releases the belt. The leatherette belt has grooves on the back so that when you thread the belt through the buckle it clicks until you find the position you need. I take a 34″ waist in trousers and there must be a good 6″ spare.

This is a great looking belt and it is very strong and I expect this to last for at least another couple of years and I wear it several times a week.


Overall, a great looking belt and looks far more expensive than the cost price suggests.

You can buy one at http://aliexpress.com and just put ‘bentley belt’ in the search bar.

Vanbron Ladies Wallet Purse

purse 4

This purse was purchased from Aliexpress.com for £7.81. The purse came very well packaged in a padded envelope and the purse was wrapped in a padded wrap and tissue paper.

purse 5

The purse comes in 5 different colours, black, Teal, coffee, dark purple and grey. The purse is made from pigskin leather and measures 11 x 9.5x 2cm.

purse 4

The stitching on the outside of the purse looks neat and strong. The wallet part of the purse has a strong clasp and has spaces for 5 cards.

purse 2

purse 6

It also has a clear section for a driving licence or ID card.

purse 1

The coin section has a very strong opener. The inside of the purse is polyester with the Vanbron logo embossed on it. It looks a lot more expensive than what the price suggests.

Overall a very smart looking purse at a great price.

You can buy one here:


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Viglen Windows 10 Connect 8.9″ Tablet


This is a Viglen Windows 10 8.9″ Tablet that I have had for a couple of months now. The specifications are:

  • Intel Atom Processor
  • Windows 10 Home edition
  • 8.9″ capacitive touch screen
  • 32 GB Solid State Drive
  • 1GB Ram
  • WiFi 802.11b/g
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • 2.0MP (front and rear) camera
  • Micro HDMI
  • Micro SD Card – expand your storage capacity (supports cards up to 32GB)
  • Includes Microsoft Word mobile, Excel Mobile, PowerPoint Mobile and Onenote

I would have liked an Apple Ipad but they are a ridiculous price so this tablet, which was half price at the time, £49 looked a decent option.

I use a laptop a lot of the time running Windows 10 so, for me, this became a smaller version of what I already had. The set up was easy and, knowing Windows 10 well, I was able to put my own background on very quickly and it then started to feel like home. Ok, so you can see, from the background I installed, I’m an Everton fan…well, you can’t all be perfect, like me!

Viglen 2

You can download all your favourite software, which for me was a great selling point.

The only thing negative I could say about it is that, with only 1GB of Ram, it runs a little slow, but you can’t have everything for £49. I really got it to load up with movies and ebooks before I go on holiday so I can use it on the plane and, having got an extra 32GB in it I can store something in the region of 50 plus movies on it. I purchased a cover for it from ebay so it will sit upright without having to hold it. The battery is fine for a couple of hours at least.The cameras are adequate, but to be honest I didn’t really get it to take photos. It is handy that the office apps are pre-installed and it really does act like a normal desktop or laptop computer.

Overall, it is a great little tablet and keeps you in your comfort zone, especially if you don’t want to pay out for an Apple.

You can buy one here:


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Replica Kardashian Kollection Designer Bag

kk bag 10

This is a replica Kardashian Kollection Designer bag available from dhgate.com for £18.69 or $22.86. Luckily, I got this one for my wife…she is a very lucky lady, right? It took about 3 weeks to arrive in the UK and if Customs do stop it then you will get a refund from the seller.

The bag is a Boston style made from PU soft leatherette with a polyester lining. It has a shoulder strap measuring 120cm and the bag itself measures 32 x 23 x 10cm.

kk bag

This bag comes in 12 different colours and has the KK brand logo on the front of the bag and within the interior.

KK bag rightKK bag 3 rightKK bag 4 rightKK bag 6 rightkk bag 9

The stitching on the bag(something that normally fails quickly on replica bags) is tough and is perfectly done.

The interior, secured with a sturdy zip, has a 2 mobile phone pockets and two zip up compartments, one central and one on the side of the bag.

kk bag 5 rightKK bag 8 right

There is also a large pocket on the front of the bag, secured by a zip with two leatherette pulls. The two small handles are secured to the bag with claw fasteners.

This is a very well made bag, the stitching is very good and the studs are solid. This bag looks stunning, especially with the gold studs on the front of the bag. The real bag costs about $300 and I believe that most people would not be able to see the difference. Have a look yourself, the image below is the real bag:

kk bag real

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You can purchase this bag here:


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6 Piece Crochet Hooks


Now don’t get the wrong idea, I’m not a user of these crochet hooks, nor do I partake of the skill of crochet,these were for my lovely wife and this will be a review from what she has told me about them.

She recently took up the hobby of crochet, which apparently is back in, and the great thing is that now anyone can learn anything new just by watching the top quality YouTube videos available. She purchased a crochet set from Ebay, but it only came with one hook so She asked me to source some more. Of course, the first thing I did was to head over to http://aliexpress.com and found this set straight away.

This is a set of 6 crochet hooks, made from strong aluminium with coloured plastic grips. They come in different sizes, apparently the smaller the hook the tighter the crochet. The sizes that the set comes in are 2.5mm, 3.0mm, 3.5mm, 4.0mm, 4.5mm and 5.0mm.


The colours they come in are lilac, lime, orange and pink. The handle part of the hook and a flattened surface. This is better than the normal hooks you buy as this allows you to put your fingers somewhere where they won’t slip and gives you better control.


Overall, a brilliant buy, excellent value for money and a Brownie points in the bag with the wife!

How much do these bad boys cost? £1.41 with free shipping!

Head over to this store for these crochet hooks and many more products:


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