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TENS Electric Massager by Dr.HeiZ


  • Multi-function massage:it has not only acupuncture, hammering, massage, cupping, massage, scraping, weight loss and other functions, but also has a unique immune regulation function, and the original development of the room temperature infrared spectrum electrode, so that the role of treatment more in-depth, more powerful , The effect is more wonderful.
  • Laser rhinitis function:viruses and other pathogens capacity,Mechanism repair a damaged mucosal tissue, restore and improve the nasal discharge of metabolic and natural immunity.
  • Pail relief and relax:wonderful combination of waveforms, so that you really appreciate the acupuncture, thumping, massage, cupping, massage, scraping the true feeling. if you only need to massage to solve the fatigue, then you can choose according to acupuncture points or in the pain of the ground.
  • Simple to use:large LCD liquid crystal display, including strength, function, mode, treatment, time, the human body meridian acupoints map, eight functions to set their own, easy to operate,easy to Adjust Intensity.
  • 713M-q6853L._SL1200_
  • 71VOzFJcOFL._SL1200_
  • Correct Way Of Using:
    1. Detail Operations:
    Turn On The Power: Press The Button So That The Lcd Is Powered On And The Treatment Mode Indicating Arrow Points To Store Mode. At The Moment,the Intensity Is 0 And Treatment Time Is Set At 15 Minutes. Select Treatment Mode: Press Function Selection Button To Select A Treatment Mode From Store, massaging, Manipulation, slimming, Acupuncture,scraping, Cupping, Immune Regulation And Rhinitis .
    Adjust Intensity: Press The Intensity Button And Switch The Intensity To A Appropriate Level.

    Multi-Functional Dual-Output Massager
    2. Precautions:
    ● If you need to use the massager again, please press the power button and repeat the procedures above.
    ● If you change treatment mode during treatment, the treatment intensity will be automatically set at level 0. You simple need to switch it to an appropriate level.
    ● If you change treatment area during treatment, namely you change the electrode positions, you should firstly press the power button to power the massager off and repeat the procedures above.
    ● If the treatment is done, please press the power button to power off the massager first before removing the electrodes.
    ● When removing electrodes from the massager, please pull the plug instead of the wire.
    ● Unavailable for pregnant women.

    3.Methods for Storage and Maintenance:
    ● Machine cleaning: Wipe the machine with a soft cloth. Do not use diluents, gas, or volatile liquid.
    ● Electrode cleaning: Wipe up the stains on the electrodes with a wet cloth, or rinse them with clean water and dry them immediately before using them again.
    ● Storage: Keep the massager out of the reach of children.
    Keep it away from wet place, high temperature, direct strong sunlight, or water.

    ● Accessories of the machine: one set of machine, two electrode wires with four electrodes, two pairs of patches,USB Line、RHINITIS Lineand one instruction book.
    ● Electrode patches are consumables whose service life is 20-25 times. For your own sake, please prepare some extra ones.

  • 61C44rbY+jL._SL1200_
  • I have a bad back and was told by my GP to get a tens machine so bought this one as it had good reviews And was reasonably priced.
    This has lots of different settings depending on your particular problem. You can adjust the power of the massage. I quite like the soft tingle and it does actually help. What this won’t help with is something like a slipped disc (I’ve had one before) but is better for muscular pain. This is well worth the money.
  • IMG_3998

You can buy one here: https://amzn.to/2pK1cdL

Fnova 40m Mini Handheld Digital Laser Distance Meter with LCD Backlight


  • Compact and Handy: Mini design (4.33″*1.37″*0.98″, 1.69oz) to make the one person measuring possible and easier with the compact laser measuring tool. Fits comfortably in hand and easily in pocket.
  • High Accuracy: Measuring range ups to 40 metre to meet your regular measuring need; Accuracy: ±1.5mm 1/16″, and press button of Units to switch unit among M/In/Ft freely while using the long distance laser measure.
  • Fast Reliable Readings: With the technology of filtering algorithm and light split, the measuring speed will be highly increased, the precise result can be showed within 0.5s on the LCD of the laser measure.
  • Multi-purpose Measurements: Distance, Area, Volume measurement, and you can also have the Pythagoras function for remote measuring of height or length. The laser range finder is ideal for home, construction and industries, especially in large areas such as rooms, apartments, buildings, real estates, factories, warehouses, etc.
  • 61WvI+o35XL._SL1001_

    61wynsd9OIL._SL1001_The Fnova 40m Digital Handheld Laser Distance Meter is an easier and faster way to one-person measuring, instead of the old conventional tape measure.

    High accuracy & Fast reading
    Measuring range: 40m or 131ft
    Accuracy: ±1.5mm (1/16″)
    Rapid reading: 0.1s-3s

    Multi-purpose Measurements
    Single measure
    Area measure
    Volume measure
    Pythagoras measuring for remote measuring of height or length

    Dust protected & splash proof to IP54 rating
    Fnova laser measuring device features a water-resistant rubber case that can protect the device from splash, rain, dirt and other harsh environment.

    Please see the detailed information of Fnova laser measure as below:
    Brand: Fnova
    Product Size: 11×3.5×2.5cm
    Material: High strength ABS engineering plastic shell and Silicone soft button
    Color: Black
    Addition / Subtraction calculation
    Backlight display shows multiple readings
    Audible alarm
    Auto laser switch off after 30 sec’s
    Auto Power Off after 480 sec’s no activity
    Measuring distance: 0.05-40m(0.16-131ft)
    Accuracy: ±1.5mm 1/16″
    Measurement units: m / in / ft

    Laser type & Operating temperature
    Laser Type: Red laser, 635nm, <1mW, Class II
    Operating temperature: 0-40’C (32-104’F)

  • 71157VJ6UrL._SL1001_
  • 71bGS1r3djL._SL1001_
  • img_3991.jpg
  • This little baby is very cool. It doesn’t come with batteries so make sure you have 2 x AAA batteries ready. Just point and the red laser pointer works as soon as you press the ‘Meas’ button.
  • You can also change the values from metres to inches.
    Just point and you have the measurements of your room in seconds. My cats love it too as it becomes a cat laser pointer game!!!
    This is excellent value for money and a must for any diyer
  • Price: 19.40

You can buy one here: https://amzn.to/2GeIYfC

Tacklife 800m / 875yd MLR01 Laser Range Finder


  • ▲800m / 875yd Large range & Multifunction – Equipped with the main functions of the range finder: continuous measurement, distance measurement, horizontal distance, speed, angle and height; 800m measurement distance is longer than alternatives; perfectly match to hunting, golf, camping, hiking measurement needs
  • ▲Telescope with clearer vision & wise pin seeker – Magnification x objective lens diameter: 7 x 24mm, with multi-layer coating of all-optical surface increase the transmission of the light. render more vivid and clearer images; wise pin seeker always lock what you want to measure especially when using continuous measurement
  • ▲Rechargeable lithium battery – Operate with 3.7V 750mah rechargeable lithium battery, to avoid the inconvenience of purchasing batteries, and can measure up to 30,000 times on full charge
  • ▲Durable & Portable – Light weight 187g compact monocular eyepiece focusing type make it portable to take with during golf, hunting, climbing in outdoors; rubber+ABC hand held material, smooth and reliable eyepiece rotation mechanism make it durable
  • ▲Your warranty: 1 x Tacklife MLR01 laser range finder; 1 x durable handheld pouch; 1 x charger; 1 x USB cable; 1 x hand strap; 1 x 24 months warranty card
  • Technical Details
    Item Weight 481 g
    Package Dimensions 15.2 x 11 x 8.4 cm
    Colour Black
    Material ABS+Plastic
    Power Source 3.7V 750mAh rechargable Li-ion battery(included)
    Voltage 3.70 volts
    Wattage 2 watts
    Amperage Capacity 750 nanoamps
    Installation Method handheld
    Item Package Quantity 1
    Handle Material ABS+Rubber
    Switch Style Push Button
    Special Features 1/4” mounting thread ; Portable
    Usage distance meter , telescope , golf , hunting , camping , field survival , topography
    Batteries included? Yes
    Batteries Required? Yes
    Battery Capacity 750 milliamp_hours


    ➤High-quality monocular telescope with multilayer coating for bright, clear images
    ➤Built-in 3.7V 750mAh rechargable Li-ion battery support 30000 times measurement
    ➤flag-lock technology, hold down the power button for two seconds to enter the
    scan mode, then gently shake the heart to lock the flag quickly
    ➤Measures distance, height, angle calculating the sine cosine of a triangle.
    Measures horizontal distance and speed
    ➤5 sec delay functionality: MLR01 rangefinder measures after 5 sec to avoid
    error caused by trembling
    ➤Super light net weight 187g relieve hand fatigue when long time holding
    ➤IP54 water-proof dust-proof adapt to various extreme environments
    ➤First target priority for measuring the distance to the closest subject
    ➤Continuous measurement allowing for slight hand movement

    Elescope magnification: 7X
    Distance Range: 3~800m / 875 yard
    Speed Range: 5~300km/h
    Accuracy: ±1 yard
    Distance measurement display step is 1m/yd
    Laser safety rating:IEC60825-1
    Laser wavelength: 905nm
    Objective Lens: 24mm
    Eyepiece: 16mm
    Exit pupil lens: 3.7mm
    Field angle: 7°
    Power Supply: Built-in Li-ion Battery
    Item Size: 4.6*3.1*1.8 in / 118*79*46 mm
    Item Weight: 187g / 6.59oz
    Water resistant:IP54

    Price: £78.99


    This is really a point and play unit. Point towards the flag and it tells you the distance, horizontal distance, Speed, angle and height.


    Easy USB charging and it lasts for ages with up to 30,000 uses


    It has a maximum range of 800 yards, that’s a hell of hole to be playing!


    It comes in a zip-up hard case so it’s totally protected at all times.


    Everything is strapped in to prevent accidental dropping when you open the case


    Two simple buttons makes this unit very easy to use. It comes with a detailed instruction manual.


    It’s just the right size to fit into the palm of your hand.

    This is a great gift for all golfers out there!

    You can buy one here: https://amzn.to/2GxjR6R

12″ LCD Writing Tablet Electronic Graphic Board eWriter, VPRAWLS Paperless Digital Drawing Notepad for Kids Adults at Home Office Writing Drawing with Magic Eraser Stylus-Black


  • ✎.Ultra-thin 1/8″ lightweight and portable; durable, no backlights, friendly to eyes
  • ✎.Erase your image with the touch of a button, prevents accidental erasure of written/drawn images
  • ✎.Sealed coin-cell battery ,can be replaceable, usually it can work for 3 years, write over 80000 times
  • ✎.Great addition to kids fun time to write or draw, making notes and ideas, hanging on the wall for daily to-do lists
  • ✎.Pressure-sensitive LCD writing surface creates lines of different thickness based on how hard you push – just like paper and pen
  • Product Dimensions: 1.5 x 18.8 x 28.4 cm
  • Price: £19.99
  • 71TQiopVhcL._SL1500_
  • Bad start, someone in the amazon warehouse had turned the pad on and left it on so the battery had run out when I got it…naughty Amazon!
    However, once I had purchased some more batteries(CR 2020 by the way) the pad worked straight away. Once turned on you write on the pad using the supplied stylus and it comes out a sort of Light blue/ green colour.
  • When you have a decent light you can see it plain as day but in lower lighting you might struggle to see it. Press the recycle button to clear the screen. The screen is quite large, 12” but very thin.
  • My wife nicked it straight away for work and says it’s brilliant. You can use the flip side as a mouse mat and it also has a ruler on the rear as well.
  • Although it is very thin it still seems to be very robust.
  • Overall, these are nifty bits of kit
  • 61ZlPLv78DL._SL1000_
  • IMG_3796
  • You can buy one here: http://amzn.to/2Iqbk3S

RAGU Z400 Mini Projector Home Theater LED projector with 800*480 Resolution Support Full HD 1080P for PC Laptop/XBOX/Smartphone (Black)


  • *Perfect Indoor & Backyard Theater* Portable size and extreme light weight allow you to take RAGU Portable Projector everywhere. It is an ideal projector for you to build an incredible home theater or an ultimate backyard theater, especially for movie night, football night, party etc. The projector delivers 1600 lumens of brightness and gives amazing performance in the dark places.
  • *True Big Screen Experience *An excellent combination of ultra-big screen(50-130in with 5-13ft projection distance), high resolution images(800 x 480P) and vivid color, this RAGU Home Projector provides up to 130in on virtually any wall or screen and 1000:1 dynamic contrast ratio for rich detail in different scenes. Recommended screen size and projection distance are 100in and 8ft respectively, the max. supported resolution is 1080P.
  • *Improved System and Reduced Noise* RAGU Video Projector comes with powerful cooling system and lower noise due to development and improvement of cooling system design and innovative materials applied. Please be kindly advised that an external audio device will increase the volume of the movie or music displayed and reach the optimum watching experience.
  • *Flexible Connection and Versatile Function* RAGU Mini Projector is equipped with HDMI port, USB port, AV/TV port, SD card slot and 3.5mm audio jack. HDMI port: connect with PC/DVD/PS3/Xbox/TV box; USB port: USB storage device (up to 32G); SD card slot: SD card; AV/TV input: TV/video device; 3.5mm audio jack: headphone/external audio device.
  • *Hassle-Free Return/Replacement* The newest type of LED lamp works over 30,000 hours without repair or replacement. 1-Year guaranteed warranty is offered which consists of free replacement or refund. 
  • Product Description

    RAGU Mini Home Projector-Project Big Screen Anywhere

    -Outstanding Display Performance
    Native Resolution of 800 x 480 pixels
    Supported 720p and max. supported resolution of 1920 x 1080 pixels
    Displaying the content in the dark places is recommended
    Adjust zoom ring and keystone before operating the projector
    -Powerful Connectivity
    HDMI port: PC/DVD/PS3
    USB port: USB storage device(up to 32G)
    SD card slot: SD card
    AV/TV input: TV/video device
    3.5mm Audio jack: headphone/external audio device

    Technical Specifications
    Imaging Technology: TFT, LCD
    Brightness: 1600 Luminous Efficiency
    Light: LED
    Projection Size / Distance: 50 ~130 inches, 1.5 ~ 4 m
    Contrast: 1000 : 1
    Aspect Ratio: 16 : 10
    Projection Ratio: 1.4 : 1
    Native Resolution: 800 x 480 pixels
    Supported Resolution: 1920 x 1080 pixels
    Keystone: Manual correction ± 15°
    Inputs: USB / AV / SD & HDMI / Audio output

    NOT for Business Presentation
    Please be advised that the projector is not suggested for data presentation in business. When connecting to a PC/laptop, please adjust the screen resolution to 800 x 600 pixels.

    Not Support Dolby
    If there is no sound when playing videos, you may check whether these videos are equipped with Dolby technologies. The projector cannot support Dolby for the present, but you can connect the projector to a PC/laptop for videos watching instead.

    What’s in the Box?
    1X RAGU Z400 Projector
    1X AV Cable
    1X HDMI Cable
    1X User’s Manual

  • Price: £64.98
  • 61LukpQjwPL._SL1000_
  • I’ve wanted one of these since the last European championship two years ago when I watched a game at a mates. I thought I would get one for this years World Cup (well it’s only 3 months away!).
  • 61lf4acQUxL._SL1000_
  •  This comes with a hdmi cable so it’s easy to plug into your sky box or whatever you want. I tried it with sky on a blank cream wall with the blinds shut and it gave a really clear picture! It also runs quietly too.
  • 61RF3JPaCkL._SL1000_
  • Can’t wait for the England games now!!
  • You can buy one here in the UK: http://amzn.to/2FL2hbW

Bluetooth Speaker,LENRUE Wireless Portable Travel Speaker


  • 【High Quality Sound】: Experience your music in full-bodied stereo realized through dual 3W high-performance drivers. The sound is not the best, but loud and clear with high quality,enough to easily fill your bedroom with great music as you fall asleep. You can Just enjoy the wonderful music wherever you are.
  • 【Convenient to Use】: The Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is compatible with multi-terminal devices, such as tablet, laptop, desktop computer, MP4, TV, PSP, mobile phone, etc. And the bluetooth speaker supports bluetooth connection,3.5mm AUX cable and 32GB high capacity TF card.You can enjoy music for multiple connection ways.
  • 【Incredible Battery Life】: 1500mAH capacity,10-hour / 120-song playtime powered by a built-in high capacity Li-ion battery and Lenrue’s industry-leading power management technology.
  • 【What You Get】: 1 x Lenrue bluetooth speaker, 1 x USB Cable, 1 x 3.5mm audio cable, 1 x User Manual , 12-month warranty, 24h friendly customer service and email support.
  • 【About the Speaker】: This bluetooth speaker has a built-in microphone and it doesn’t only provide hands-free talking and song skipping function, but also support SD card music playing with superior stereo sound quality. The size and weight makes it portable and easy to carry. You can place it in your pocket or bag, and bring it when camping or doing some outdoor activities.
  • Product Description:
    Driver Power: 3W*2
    Battery Capacity: 1500mAh
    Playing time: About 10hours
    Working Range: Up to 33 feet
    TF Card Maximum Capacity: 32GB

    Why You Choose Our Bluetooth Speakers?
    –Warranty: 12-month worry-free technical support and after-sales service

    Multiple Connection Way
    The bluetooth speaker supports bluetooth connection,3.5mm AUX cable and 32GB high capacity TF card.
    You can enjoy music for multiple connection way.

    Superior Sound Quality
    Experience your music in full-bodied stereo realized through dual 3W high-performance drivers.

    INCREDIBLE BATTERY LIFE 1500mAH capacity,12-hour / 120-song playtime powered by a built-in high capacity Li-ion battery and Lenrue’s industry-leading power management technology.

    Compatible with all Bluetooth-enabled devices.
    Instantly connect to your smartphone or tablet from up to 33 feet away.
    It reconnects automatically to the last device used. Built-in mic for hands-free calls.

    Package Included
    1x Bluetooth Speaker
    1x Micro USB Cable
    1x 3.5mm Aux Cable

  • Price: £13.99


I’m starting to buy things for the coming spring and summer and on the list was a Bluetooth speaker. This is a good size and easy to set up. Turn it on, turn on Bluetooth on your phone and then link to the Lenrue speaker. The sound is really good and you can adjust it to your likening. It’s portable so once charged you can take it out to the beach.


It even receives calls from your mobile. There is a micro sd card slot so if you have saved music you can play it through this speaker.


I love this speaker and am very pleased with it, especially for the price!

You can buy one here in the UK: http://amzn.to/2FH6rBU

CWTCH Women Waterproof Tote Bags Eco Bag Cross Body Shoulder Bags Casual Multi Pocket Handbag


  • 1.Outer Material: Super High-quality Eco TPU/Top grain calf Leather trims with cotton lining, sturdy, durable and Light weight & waterproof fabric. 
  • 2.Suitable capacity for daily use, plenty of room for your cell phone, wallet, makeup and toiletries.
  • Outer Material: Eco TPU with Top Grain Calf Leather Trims
  • 3.Fashionable, affordable and convenient, the study design allows this versatile bag to fit nearly anywhere you need.
  • 4.Come with non-detachable key-hook, This tote has an outer front side zipper pocket for your items.The inside has a big compartment with 2 open pockets and a zipper pocket and also has two outside pockets by side for holding water bottle or else.
  • 5.Handle drop is 10″, easy to wear on your shoulder. Super Lightweight with perfect soft hand feeling and a great carry-all for work, travel, school or leisure.
  • Price: £33.90

My wife needed a new tote bag for work and had seen this bag and thought it would be ideal.

kr1SeIPSFW5._UX169_TTW__The bag comes in a nice dust bag. The outside of the bag feels a bit like suede and the first thing you notice is the weight. It feels fairly heavy and well made. The stitching looks well done and tough especially around where the handles meet the bag.


The colour of the bag is more of a salmon pink colour but is also available in blue. The inside of the bag is silky black material and there are various compartments for all your gear. The bag takes about 6 A4 size folders and still has plenty of room for smaller items. There is also a handy zip compartment inside. Compared to other bags of its type, like Dune, this bag sits comfortably within that class.


This bag looks more expensive than the cost suggests and should last a long time. My wife is very pleased with this bag


You can buy one here in the UK: http://amzn.to/2peFRZF


FREDI Wifi IP Security Camera 720P Wifi Surveillance Video Camera


Product description

FREDI 720P Security wireless camera, top of the line photo, audio and video recording tool.

● This device is day&night recording and is able to capture anything at any time.
● It is easy to use and can be used by anyone.
● Full HD 720P video quality: Your videos will come out with impeccable resolution and precision.
● This device features Motion Detection and AV (Audio Visual) output at the same time.
● It supports micro SD card up to 64GB, but SD card not included in the package.

This camera also features IR (Infrared) night vision, it can shoot clear videos even in the dark!

Surveillance Uses:
● Baby Monitor
● Vacation Home Monitoring
● Pet Monitoring
● Business Monitoring
● Car recorder
● Meeting Recording
● Nanny Camera

Guarantee and Bonus:
● Full 1-Year FREDI Manufacturer Warranty
● Professional Service Support 24/7 online to assist with any needs

Temperature and Climate Specifications:
● This device performs best at room temperature, please do not use it under high temperature
● Do not expose this device to humid conditions as it is not waterproof

This device requires a micro SD card (SD Card not included in the package) to save video. A High speed class 10 SD card is suggested.
This camera only supports 2.4G WiFi, it can’t support 5G WiFi.

After buying a trail camera for outside security I wanted something indoors and I’ve always wanted to try one of these. This one had good reviews and is decently priced.


Opening the box the camera itself is fairly small, which is a very good thing cause if a burglar breaks in if you position it right they won’t even see it. I would prefer a bear trap but it’s illegal in the U.K.!


There is a nice long lead and a USB plug included. Download the app, link your camera to your Wi-fi once you have turned it on and it works straight away. The camera takes up to a 64gb micro sd card and just slots in the back of the camera.the picture quality is brilliant and you can’t even really see it.


I installed it before I went to work and then accessed the app when my wife got home and she didn’t even notice it until I activated the voice button and spoke to her through the camera..fantastic!


Just download the app (ios or android) link the camera to your wifi and the app will find the camera and that’s it…simples!

The night vision is crystal clear as well. For storage you can use the micro sd card or purchase cloud storage, $10 for 6 months or $20 for 12 months. It has a motion detection feature and then it alerts you when the camera is triggered by email or push. I took mine off as my cats triggered it all the time but I will put it on when on holiday.


I love this camera and my best purchase on Amazon ever! If you want indoor security then this is excellent.

You can buy one here for £29.99 in the UK: http://amzn.to/2HgaztC

You can buy one here in the US for $35.99: http://amzn.to/2tfKyaV

TACKLIFE Metal Detector with Adjustable Stem & Sensitivity Waterproof Coil


Product description

TACKLIFE Metal Detector – This professional metal detector offers a new and exclusive technology
that makes it ideal for hunting coins, relics, caches, jewelery and even gold nuggets
in shallow water and beach areas. 

★★★How to install the metal detector???:
<1> Insert the coil cable plug into the 5 pin jack connected with S stem;
<2> Secure the nut on the plug properly;
<3> Loosen the lock nut on the stem and lighten the mid stem;
<4> Sheathe the mid stem on S stem aligning the holes on the stems;
<5> Secure with the fixing knob;
<6> Turn the stem’s lock nut counter clockwise to lock it in place;

√ Two Operation Modes :ALL METAL & DISC
√ Waterproof: Allows you to search for the metal objects under shallow water;
√ Adjustable Volume:The volume level of the speaker and headphones can be adjusted;
√ Great Metal Pointer:If metal is found,it will swings to the right direction;
√ 1 x 9V alkaline battery: Battery supplied with the detector,So you can use right out of the box;

1. The control box is not waterproof.
2. If the DISC button is turned clockwise to the end, most of the metals are excluded, except for Silver (25 ¢, 50 ¢ and 1 $)
3. If you are looking for high mineral situation or if there are interferences from other instruments, the test results will be influenced. In this case, you can lower the sensitivity.

1 x metal detector
1 x 9V alkaline battery
1 x carrying bag
1 x user manual

I bought this as I wanted to start a new hobby and have a friend who does this all the time. He recommended this detector as it is fairly priced and is a good starter one.


It is easy to put together, just one screw, pop the battery in and away you go!


The detector is sensitive to about 6 inches and the sensitivity is adjustable.


To use on a beach you do not need any permission as long as you keep to between low and high tide marks. If you want to detect on fields you need permission from the landowner. If you want to detect on public footpaths or land you need permission from the local council.


I am very pleased with this and can’t wait to use it in the better weather
 I am very pleased with this and can’t wait to use it in the better weather although it can be used in shallow water as it is waterproof.
You can buy one for £62.99 here: http://amzn.to/2o0kE5M

Bestope Makeup Brush Set-16pcs Professional Make Up Brushes Cosmetic Makeup Brushes Set with Soft Synthetic and Vegan Bristles -Rose Gold

amazon brush line up

  • ENTIRE BRUSH SET FOR FLAWLESS FACE: Bestope newest makeup set including 5pcs basic big kabuki cosmetic brushes and 11pcs precision makeup brushes allows makeup lovers to do any makeup application such like eye shadow, brows, lips, foundation and more
  • VELVETY, SILKY SYNTHETIC FIBERS: soft, dense brush hairs designed to dispense the cream, liquid or powder product evenly on your face but not soak up them, never shed or hurt your skin, fit for all skin types even the sensitive skin
  • QUALITY-ASSURED AND GORGEOUS DESIGN: high quality durable wooden handles in classic black color ,glossy bristle ferrule in decadent rose gold and smooth synthetic fibers in chocolate and taro looks fashionable and gorgeous, never corrode or rust, sturdy and non-toxic
  • FLAWLESS MAKEUP: with these multi-functional makeup brushes, everyday feel magnifying satisfaction for flawless looks. Works well for foundation, blush, blending, contouring, shading, highlighting, eye shadow, eyebrow, concealer, and more
  • BEST GIFT IDEA FOR BOTH WOMEN AND MEN: designed for makeup artists and professional cosmetic use but also for amateurs. Perfect for day use, artistic performance, costume party, cosplay and more
  • Soft Synthetic Fibers & Durable Handle
    The soft synthetic fibers won’t soak up liquids and creams, but spread it evenly on your face for a perfectly blended look. The wooden handle is firm and easy to hold.

    Brushes includes:
    Angled brush
    Flat angled brush
    Face flat brush
    Round brush
    Tapered brush
    Angled eyeshadow brush
    Blending brush
    Concealer brush
    Detail brush
    Classic detail brush
    Precise brush
    Angled detail brush
    Eyeliner brush
    Powder brush
    Angled eyebrow and eyelash brush
    Eyebrow and eyelash brush

    How To Clean Bestope Makeup Brushes?
    1.Wash bristle in lukewarm water, Don’t use hot water otherwise it may damage bristle;
    2.Gently squeeze out excess water;
    3.Apply some soap or olive oil on your palm;
    4.Massage bristle in your palm in circular motion under running lukewarm water until the water gets clean, be careful not to get handles wet;
    5.Use facial tissue or makeup cleaning tissue to squeeze water from brush by pressing it softy , Don’t twist the brush hair;
    6.Let the bristle dry in the air naturally, Don’t use a drier or expose the brush to the sunshine

    Package contents:
    1×16pcs Bestope Makeup Brush Set(Rose Gold and Black)
    1×User Manual

  • Price: £13.99
  • amazon brush names
  • My wife ordered this set as, apparently, you can’t have too many make-up brushes! When they arrived she was impressed by the number of different brushes you get in this set, there are brushes with angled bristles, flat top, pointed ones, mini ones…you name it this set seems to have it.
  • brush-line-up.jpg
  • amazon brush quality
  • She is very impressed with them and says she will reorder them when she gets low( not this decade surely?)
  • brush-heads.jpg

You can buy a set here: http://amzn.to/2E2ZGNX

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