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Le-Mt store


Le-Mt Store stocks No-No products, metal safety razors, shaving equipment and make up applicators.

I purchased a No-No Pro 5 epilator, you know, the ones they advertise on the TV for about £200, I paid £31.39. The epilator comes in a zip up case with a charger, sanding pad and several different heads. The epilator works by depressing the square button on the front of the unit and running it across your skin. The LED on the end of the unit stays red until you get to the right speed and then turns green so you know you are doing it correctly. You will become aware of the smell of singed hair but there is no pain whatsoever and you then use the sanding pad to smooth your skin.

Overall, A brilliant buy especially at that price and it works perfectly.


I purchased a set of 3 replacement heads from dhgate.com for $4.48.

Give this product a look here:



Olaf Store


Olaf Store stocks phone holders, stylus pens, mobile phone lens, phone cables,phone chargers and phone cases. I purchased an Octopus tripod for iphones from this seller, which i have done a review on in my blog.

Check out their store here:


Worth Buying Store

Worth Buying Store


The worth buying store stocks phone cases for all types of phones, phone chargers, phone cables, phone cases, wireless chargers, and mobile phone speaker cases at really cheap prices. I purchased two iphone charging docks and they work perfectly, with my iphone 7 plus and the wife’s iphone 6s.Delivery time was quick to the UK and were well packaged.


Give them a look here:


Xton Store


The Xton Store stocks Jewellery Sets, earrings.necklaces,rings. bracelets, bangles, mens jewellery and hair accessories.


I purchased the white crystal sunflower tassel long necklace, which cost £2.41. This is a beautiful piece which is very well made and looks very expensive.

Visit the store here:


Huashiliya Store

Huashiliya Store


Huashiliya store stocks necklaces, chains, earrings, rings, bracelets, bangles, sets, silver jewellery and bangles at very cheap prices.


I purchased this necklace

Huashiliya necklace.JPG

It looks lovely, very much like the Pandora range and looks very expensive, but only cost £1.44

You can check out the store here:


Cheap Fine Store


Cheap fine store stocks all types of jewellery including bracelets, leather necklaces, glass necklaces, necklaces and chains. I purchased a leaf design necklace. The chains are a bit thin but has a really good look and is well worth the money.


Other items on the site


You can visit the store here:



More Sell Store


More Sell stocks women’s apparel and accessories, jewellery and watches, bags and shoes and health and beauty products. I purchased the Ultrasonic jewellery cleaner, which has been reviewed on this site. Items are very cheap and well worth a look.


You can view the store here:


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