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Chef Remi Non-Stick Burger Press

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  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE – The Chef Remi Burger Press comes with a 100% Money Back Lifetime Warranty. Try It RISK FREE Today!
  • BEST HEAVY DUTY UNBREAKABLE ALUMINUM ALLOY PRESS – Food grade aluminum alloy designed for a lifetime of use. Deluxe all-in-one burger press makes perfect patties, each and every time. Provides just enough pressure to make patties that can withstand falling apart on grill. Yet, stops you from making patties that are too dense.
  • PERFECT SEARED EFFECT PATTIES EACH TIME – Interior ridges give each patty a ribbed surface, which gives them that gorgeous seared look when cooked on grill. Easily cleaned with soap and water, or just throw into dishwasher.
  • NONSTICK COATING ENSURES NO DAMAGED PATTIES – Aluminum alloy is covered in non-stick coating which means raw meat will never stick to burger press. Make patties without damaging them when turning them out – they will slide right out of the burger press intact.
  • PREMIUM COOKWARE GIFT FOR MEN – These grilling accessories are the perfect gift for men; husband, brother, son, granddad, daddy, and other family members or friends. Use indoors, outdoors, camping, cookouts, party, gardens etc.
  • Price: £10.95
  • 81-1kUKklmL._SL1500_
  • Chef Remi believes that families are the centerpiece of society and communities are stronger when they sit down together even if it’s over a quick, wholesome meal.

    Our company is 100% committed to designing genuine quality kitchen tools to support busy parents that take the time to cook for their family, because every child deserves a home cooked meal with a family who loves them.


    The ultimate patty maker that will make perfect burgers, every single time.

    Get your buddies and friends over and fire up your grill. With your Chef Remi Burger Press, you never have to worry about patties that fall apart when cooking.

    . Unbreakable aluminum alloy designed to be heatproof, shatter proof, and will last a lifetime.

    . Non-stick coating stops raw meat from sticking to burger press, so you turn out perfectly shaped patties each time.

    . Non-slip handle allows you to place the correct amount of pressure to create patties that stay together without being too dense.

    . Interior ridges give each patty a ribbed surface, which give patties a seared look when cooked on grill.

    . Diameter 4.5 inches. Depth 0.7 inches. Handle 2.8 inches.

    A great gift for Father’s Day, birthdays, Christmas, wedding present etc, or a great gift to yourself.

    Chef Remi Design, Chef Remi Crafted.- WHEN QUALITY MATTERS!

    We offer a LIFETIME GUARANTEE not like our competitors. Try us, RISK FREE!81CDJ6rMI3L._SL1500_

  • Chef Remi have done it again and produced a top quality burger press.
  • It’s so easy to turn out burgers that don’t fall apart as soon as you put them on the Barbecue.
  • Simply rub a little oil around the base section,put your mince in the base section to just below the rim. Put the top section on and push down evenly. You can then turn out the burger and move onto the next one.
  • 81THPC0M4YL._SL1500_
  • The press is very easy to clean and is a vital addition to your kitchen accessories.
  • You can buy one in the UK here: https://amzn.to/2rI2ua4

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