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Chef Remi 3-IN-1 Watermelon Slicer Knife

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  • LIFETIME GUARANTEE – The Chef Remi Multifunctional Pro Watermelon Slicer comes with a 100% Money Back Lifetime Warranty. Try It RISK FREE Today!
  • CUT, CORE, SCOOP, SLICE & CUBE WATERMELON EFFORTLESSLY – An amazing all-in-one invention that prepares melon in half the time of a knife, and no mess. No dirty, sticky and wet counters. You literally create a bowl out of the rind, so no fruit or juice is wasted! Pincer design so you can flip blades over to turn into tongs / server. No sticky hands. An essential gadget for watermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew etc. Use also to cut even slices of cake and serve without touching and damaging slices!
  • CORROSION FREE STAINLESS-STEEL CARVER BLADE – Crafted from superior strength, food-grade, stainless steel for high performance, without losing sharpness. Blade is laser tested to check for durability and toughness to a high professional, culinary level. Ingenious thick wire cutting edge carves flesh from within millimeters of the rind, so you reduce wasted flesh. Blade edges are rounded, so it is safe for children to have fun using this tool!
  • ERGONOMICALLY DESIGNED SLIP RESISTANT HANDLE – Professional grade handle, soft to the touch, to give you a great grip, even with wet hands or slippery fingers, reducing aches and numbness, as well as being lightweight and moisture resistant. Will always feel comfortable. This slicer feels so natural, it’s like an extension of your hand rather than a tool. Test it and feel the difference! Dishwasher safe and easy to store in any drawer.
  • THE ULTIMATE SUMMER ESSENTIAL – We love our summers here in the UK! This is a must-have utensil at parties and BBQs. Perfect for fast and easy slicing and carving of fruit as well as cakes. Create mouth watering desserts, snacks salads and meals, or create decorations. Whether you are a pro-chef expert or home cook, this high quality, deluxe kitchen accessory is the tool you need. An ideal gift for a family member, friend…. everyone!
  • Technical Details
    Brand Chef Remi
    Item Weight 118 g
    Product Dimensions 25.5 x 4.3 x 8.5 cm
    Material Stainless Steel
    Auto Shutoff No

    Price: £7.95


    I love water melon and didn’t even know these existed until I was checking out other Chef Remi products.

    These are a great addition to your kitchen accessories. They are made of strong steel with comfortable plastic handles.


    Use the slicer to be able to remove decent size sections out of the flesh and then use them like pincers to remove that section. Once complete you are left with an empty bowl which holds all that lovely juice that normally goes everywhere.


    You can also use them as serving tongs to save your fingers getting all sticky.


    As I’ve already found, the Chef Remi range is top quality at very reasonable prices.


    Overall, these are a great buy and would recommend them if water melon is your thing!

    You can buy them here in the UK: https://amzn.to/2rkq4JR

    You can buy them here in the US for $9.95: https://amzn.to/2jqFJnh

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