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TENS Electric Massager by Dr.HeiZ

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  • Multi-function massage:it has not only acupuncture, hammering, massage, cupping, massage, scraping, weight loss and other functions, but also has a unique immune regulation function, and the original development of the room temperature infrared spectrum electrode, so that the role of treatment more in-depth, more powerful , The effect is more wonderful.
  • Laser rhinitis function:viruses and other pathogens capacity,Mechanism repair a damaged mucosal tissue, restore and improve the nasal discharge of metabolic and natural immunity.
  • Pail relief and relax:wonderful combination of waveforms, so that you really appreciate the acupuncture, thumping, massage, cupping, massage, scraping the true feeling. if you only need to massage to solve the fatigue, then you can choose according to acupuncture points or in the pain of the ground.
  • Simple to use:large LCD liquid crystal display, including strength, function, mode, treatment, time, the human body meridian acupoints map, eight functions to set their own, easy to operate,easy to Adjust Intensity.
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  • Correct Way Of Using:
    1. Detail Operations:
    Turn On The Power: Press The Button So That The Lcd Is Powered On And The Treatment Mode Indicating Arrow Points To Store Mode. At The Moment,the Intensity Is 0 And Treatment Time Is Set At 15 Minutes. Select Treatment Mode: Press Function Selection Button To Select A Treatment Mode From Store, massaging, Manipulation, slimming, Acupuncture,scraping, Cupping, Immune Regulation And Rhinitis .
    Adjust Intensity: Press The Intensity Button And Switch The Intensity To A Appropriate Level.

    Multi-Functional Dual-Output Massager
    2. Precautions:
    ● If you need to use the massager again, please press the power button and repeat the procedures above.
    ● If you change treatment mode during treatment, the treatment intensity will be automatically set at level 0. You simple need to switch it to an appropriate level.
    ● If you change treatment area during treatment, namely you change the electrode positions, you should firstly press the power button to power the massager off and repeat the procedures above.
    ● If the treatment is done, please press the power button to power off the massager first before removing the electrodes.
    ● When removing electrodes from the massager, please pull the plug instead of the wire.
    ● Unavailable for pregnant women.

    3.Methods for Storage and Maintenance:
    ● Machine cleaning: Wipe the machine with a soft cloth. Do not use diluents, gas, or volatile liquid.
    ● Electrode cleaning: Wipe up the stains on the electrodes with a wet cloth, or rinse them with clean water and dry them immediately before using them again.
    ● Storage: Keep the massager out of the reach of children.
    Keep it away from wet place, high temperature, direct strong sunlight, or water.

    ● Accessories of the machine: one set of machine, two electrode wires with four electrodes, two pairs of patches,USB Line、RHINITIS Lineand one instruction book.
    ● Electrode patches are consumables whose service life is 20-25 times. For your own sake, please prepare some extra ones.

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  • I have a bad back and was told by my GP to get a tens machine so bought this one as it had good reviews And was reasonably priced.
    This has lots of different settings depending on your particular problem. You can adjust the power of the massage. I quite like the soft tingle and it does actually help. What this won’t help with is something like a slipped disc (I’ve had one before) but is better for muscular pain. This is well worth the money.
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You can buy one here: https://amzn.to/2pK1cdL

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