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FREDI Wifi IP Security Camera 720P Wifi Surveillance Video Camera

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Product description

FREDI 720P Security wireless camera, top of the line photo, audio and video recording tool.

● This device is day&night recording and is able to capture anything at any time.
● It is easy to use and can be used by anyone.
● Full HD 720P video quality: Your videos will come out with impeccable resolution and precision.
● This device features Motion Detection and AV (Audio Visual) output at the same time.
● It supports micro SD card up to 64GB, but SD card not included in the package.

This camera also features IR (Infrared) night vision, it can shoot clear videos even in the dark!

Surveillance Uses:
● Baby Monitor
● Vacation Home Monitoring
● Pet Monitoring
● Business Monitoring
● Car recorder
● Meeting Recording
● Nanny Camera

Guarantee and Bonus:
● Full 1-Year FREDI Manufacturer Warranty
● Professional Service Support 24/7 online to assist with any needs

Temperature and Climate Specifications:
● This device performs best at room temperature, please do not use it under high temperature
● Do not expose this device to humid conditions as it is not waterproof

This device requires a micro SD card (SD Card not included in the package) to save video. A High speed class 10 SD card is suggested.
This camera only supports 2.4G WiFi, it can’t support 5G WiFi.

After buying a trail camera for outside security I wanted something indoors and I’ve always wanted to try one of these. This one had good reviews and is decently priced.


Opening the box the camera itself is fairly small, which is a very good thing cause if a burglar breaks in if you position it right they won’t even see it. I would prefer a bear trap but it’s illegal in the U.K.!


There is a nice long lead and a USB plug included. Download the app, link your camera to your Wi-fi once you have turned it on and it works straight away. The camera takes up to a 64gb micro sd card and just slots in the back of the camera.the picture quality is brilliant and you can’t even really see it.


I installed it before I went to work and then accessed the app when my wife got home and she didn’t even notice it until I activated the voice button and spoke to her through the camera..fantastic!


Just download the app (ios or android) link the camera to your wifi and the app will find the camera and that’s it…simples!

The night vision is crystal clear as well. For storage you can use the micro sd card or purchase cloud storage, $10 for 6 months or $20 for 12 months. It has a motion detection feature and then it alerts you when the camera is triggered by email or push. I took mine off as my cats triggered it all the time but I will put it on when on holiday.


I love this camera and my best purchase on Amazon ever! If you want indoor security then this is excellent.

You can buy one here for £29.99 in the UK: http://amzn.to/2HgaztC

You can buy one here in the US for $35.99: http://amzn.to/2tfKyaV

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