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BROADCARE Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

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  • Accurate and Reliable – BROADCARE best blood pressure monitor produces highly accurate readings using advanced technology. This inflates the cuff to peak pressure tailored to your own blood pressure level
  • Perfect to use – All operations on 2 buttons; large LCD screen showing you clearly all the readings about your health, and the irregular heartbeat detector alerts you while you are under this situation
  • Small size and Innovative design – With the portable BROADCARE automatic blood pressure monitor you’ll be able to recognize changes to blood pressure at any time at home or away
  • USB Charging – With the USB charging design offer you a easier charging way, never worry about the charging problem. what is more, automatic shutdown in one minute when there is no operation
  • Double 99 Memory Groups – With 99 memory groups which can offer you a more averaged readings with all saved and measured values (morning and evening)

My wife is a Health Care Assistant so is an expert in taking blood pressure. She still uses the old method of a manual pump up arm band and a stethoscope. I have had problems with high blood pressure and the GP suggested one of these to monitor it.


It doesn’t just monitor your blood pressure but can detect an irregular heart beat as well.


The monitor comes in an easy to clean white plastic box, which also contains the USB charging cable and instruction manual.


This was so easy to use, wrap it around one of your wrists, make sure it’s fairly tight, press the Power button and the band inflates. It will then bleep with the reading, easy!!


When my wife then checked it with the old method it was almost identical. Really good manual and charging cable included. Therefore I am very happy with this item.

You can buy one from Seller Broadcare for £13.15 here: http://amzn.to/2E55RA1



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