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Phetium Nail Clipper Set

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  • Specifically made to deal with the thicker and larger nails and in particular it is also designed to help with ingrowing toenails.
  • The Toenail Clipper/Nipper with blades open over 1″ wide is 5.51″ in total length that is easier for you to grip and effortless to control.
  • The handle with ridges is designed to increase traction and avoid finger slippage. The handles also have special springs fitted on the inside that you fold down to make the handles self-returning.
  • Made from premium stainless steel and with precision-sharpened blades, these will cut the thickest nails with no splitting or cracking.
  • Package come with nail clipper, toenail lifter and Nail File. Toenail lifter specially designed to relieve the pressure of ingrown nails. One end of this toenail lifter is slightly curved, allows it to reach difficult areas around the toenail.
  • The Phetium toenail clippers was designed to provide a better solution for thick nails and ingrown toenails, which can assist in toenail fungus treatment when needed. This Phetium Toenail clipper is ideal for your thick, ingrown or deformed nails. It offers an easy grip and smooth control. And it is made from premium stainless steel which prevents rusting and also helps ensure blades stay sharper longer. And Protective cover included which helps protect the ultra sharp blades when not in use to reduce the risk of injury. In addition, The package comes with toenail lifter and Nail File that is a perfect set for thick or ingrown Toenail Fingernail .
  • Price: £9.99


The first thing that impressed me was the sheer weight of these clippers. The clippers fit nicely into the palm of your hand, which saves all that fumbling around with those annoying little metal clippers you can buy from the supermarket.

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The blades of the clippers are curved so that you can do a continuous cut along your nail.

uses amazon

The clippers are very strong and will cut through the thickest of talons!


The double headed pick helps with lifting an ingrown toenail (Yuck!) or just to clean under your nail. The file is also made of steel.

This set costs more than a normal set of clippers  but will last for years!

I certainly recommend this clipper set.

You can buy a set here: http://amzn.to/2n4vO8o

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