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Exercise Resistance Bands Set

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  • 1.FITNESS EQUIPMENT: Resistance band training is perfect for increasing and toning muscle, burning fat, physio, recovering from injury, mobility and flexibility.
  • 2.PORTABILITY: This exercise bands with carrying bag can be easily transported to use wherever and whenever you want. Perfect fit your luxury lifestyle.
  • 3.11 PCS SET: 5 different adjustable bands, Yellow (5 lbs) Green (10 lbs) Red (15 lbs) Blue (20 lbs) Black (25 lbs) , 2 cushioned foam handles, 2 ankle cuffs, 1 nylon door anchor and storage bag. Ideal gift for fitness fanatics.
  • 4.GYM QUALITY: Sturdy latex exercise bands, nylon door anchor, handles and ankle straps will not distort or snap even under strong tension.
  • 5.SERVICE: Professional after-sale service for everyone, if any problem when you place order or use this item, just contact. We will not let our customers suffer lost.
  • Note:

    1.Choose the fitness levels equipment to exercise !

    2.Please don’t abuse it to prevent Injured of your muscle!

    3.DO NOT rub or cut exercise bands with anything sharp!

    4.please find a Professional instructor for guidance if this is your first time to use Resistant Bands !

    Package Included:

    5 * Resistant Bands

    1 * Door Anchor

    2 * Ankle Straps

    2 * Foam Handles

    1 * Storage Bag

  • Price: £10.99

I purchased this set for my wife as she wanted to start the New Year with a strict fitness campaign. The price was right as they are on sale at the moment for £10.99 instead of £35.68.

The kit comes in a drawstring waterproof bag, which is quite small and easily fits into a backpack or sports bag.


The kit consists of 5 different adjustable bands of differing resistance


There are two handles that attach to the bands easily, 2 ankle straps and a door anchor


The door anchor simply attaches to the door by putting the toggle on one side, shutting the door and then you can exercise from there.


There are lots of different exercises that you can do with these straps, I just went onto Youtube and there are loads on there.



My wife is well pleased with them, so another Brownie point for me!

You can buy them from seller Tourking here: http://amzn.to/2mF9KRs

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