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WIFI Inspection Camera,ZOTO UPGRADED 2MP 720P HD Endoscope 3M,8 LED Light Car Inspect Camera

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ZOTO WIFI endoscope solves the traditional endoscope issue,help human beings more convenient and widely using the inspection camera.It can work perfectly with Android 2.3+ and IOS 6.0+ smartphone. Will be the best inspection tool for iPhone user.

Product Feature:

1.Upgraded Rigid Cable:traditional endoscope all with very soft cable which means that you have a lot of trouble when using it,can not reach too far place or need more hands to fix it,ZOTO upgraded the cable issue,only with one hand you can check every place you want;
2.WIFI Endoscope:With WIFI adapter,no need any connection cable via camera and mobile phone/laptop,very convenient checking,what’s more with WIFI type,now IOS also can using the endoscope;
3.8 LED lights:all endoscope in the market only with 6 leds,ZOTO endoscope updated with 8 leds with more lights which can be more clear pictures when in dark situation;
4.Micro USB convert to USB 2.0 adapter:with this adapter not only mobile phone can use it, PC computer also can using this endoscope now

WIFI Endoscope Specification:

Rigid Cable Length:3M
Camera Diameter: 8mm
Sensor: 2.0 megapixels CMOS
Resolution: 1280×720, 640×480, 320×240
View Angle:70°
Waterproof:IP67 Waterproof
Support System: Android/IOS/Windows
MAC:please use”Photo Booth””Quick Time Player””VLC(VideoLan Client)”


1.Best Observation Distance between the lens and object is about 4-6cm.
2.The Transmission Distance is 5-10m longs from the WIFI module.
3.It’s normal that the camera will turn hot especially when the LED is in brightest, it will not effect the usage or life-span of the Endoscope.
4.WIFI only means the lan network between the camera and mobile phone,not for surfing the internet.

I have been looking at these endoscope cameras for some time now and saw this one on Amazon. I loved the look especially wit the tool that you can attach to the end and the fact that it does not have to physically attach to your phone like so many others, which can be restrictive. I thought I would buy one at £21.99.


So, first off you must download the app, moqo view from your app store. This works with iphones or android phones.

Once downloaded pick up the Zoto wifi unit and plug the camera into the socket, which is the same end as the switch. Press the on/off switch once and the camera light comes on. Go back to your phone and go to settings and wifi and let the phone search for the Zoto wifi unit. When it finds ‘YPC_09F7FO’ enter the password, which is in your instructions. Your camera is then linked to your phone.


This camera is excellent. Not only can you use it with one hand but the actual camera lead is flexible to you can tist it into whatever position you want. The lead is long as well, 3m which means you can sneak it into very small spaces. The view from the camera shows up on your phone when in the app.


I tried it down behind one of my radiators (Not a pretty sight!)


The picture was very clear and the light helps give the detail that you would need. You can adjust the LED light to whatever brightness you require. You can also turn the light off if you don’t need it. The unit comes with a USB charging cable as well.

The set comes with 3 tools that attach to the end of the camera with a small black band. I will find these the most useful as i’m always having to move furniture looking for lost rings and earrings!.



The instructions are concise but are clear and easy to follow.

Overall, a quality bit of kit and I am well pleased with it!

You can buy one here from seller Zoto Europe: http://amzn.to/2raJSCA


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