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Car Auto Emergency Tool Kits Roadside Assistance with Jumper Cables, Tow Rope, Emergency Triangle, Safety Hammer

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  • HEAVY DUTY HIGH-QUALITY 10 FT, 300 AMP JUMPER CABLES:Full set of plastic insulation design, more secure, bold copper core, quality guaranteed, a dual-use, affordable. Red and black, easy to operate;
  • 13 FT 11000 LB (5 TON) CAPACITY TOW STRAP: Large bearing capacity, thickening and widening, non-slip wear; for most models, longer life;
  • Four-in-one Safety Hammer: 300m warning distance, 36 hours continuous operation, flashlight function, magnetic base, waterproof function;
  • 100% Safety on The Road: Feel protected and AZlife’s car safety kit will give you and your loved ones roadside emergency-proof;
  • Perfect All-In One Solution: This emergency car kit all put in a compact carry bag that fits anywhere in your car trunk, backseat or spare tire compartment.
  • 1*Jumper Cables
    1*Reflective Warning Triangle
    1*Reflective Safety Vest
    1*Tow rope
    2*Gloves with Gripping Palm ( 1 pair)
    1*Four-in-one Safety Hammer, LED Flash Light and Seat Belt Cutter
  • Price: £19.29

Well, it’s that time of year again. I’m not sure but I think I must have lived in Spain in a previous life as i’m blooming freezing at this time of year!

You will ,unfortunately, probably either breakdown and need towing, need jump starting, need to cut your seat belt off, smash a window, need a torch or a screwdriver or just have cold hands!

When you do you could do with one of these in your boot. There is a handy 4 in 1 hammer, torch and seat belt cutter should you need it, a safety triangle in the event that you break down, a super strong tow rope,  waterproof poncho and a useful reflective safety vest.


The best thing about this kit is that it all fits into a zip up waterproof bag.


This could be the best £19 you have ever spent!

Overall, this is great and gives me a bit of peace of mind as I have put it in my wife’s car boot, just in case!

You can buy it from seller Crayfomo: http://amzn.to/2mAeW9r

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