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Pingko PK-303 Cobblestone Weather Station

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This unit was sent to me by the good folks at Vivistar for an honest review.

  • INDOOR & OUTDOOR WIRELESS TEMPERATURE MONITORS – PINGKO brand of weather station wireless features a multi-functional that includes High-Precise Radio Frequency (RF) sensor, humidity, weather forecast, the temperature in Celsius, day, alarm/snooze,Calendar and time in 12/24. Each feature has their brilliant digitals and Icons displays on the screen for easy reading at daytime and night time.
  • ACCURATELY MEASURE WEATHER – The home weather station support an indoor and outdoor high-end accurate weather/temperature measures. You can conveniently know your indoor temperature information and the weather and temperature information transmitted to the base station by stationing the wireless sensor outside your building.
  • BRILLIANT MULTI-COLOR DISPLAY – This weather station battery operated-feature a Blue/Yellow/Purple LED backlight with animated and easy to read numbers, Icons, and graphics, in both night and day, indicating the current weather information.
  • SMOOTH & SCRATCH-RESISTANT DESIGN – Our wireless weather station forecast has a sleek black body mimicking the cobblestone shape portable in size. The black color finish is anti-fade and highly resistant to scratches, requires low maintenance and last a lifetime use.
  • PRIMARILY POWER BY 5.0V AC ADAPTER WITH BATTERY BACKUP – This wireless weather station indoor outdoor is powered by 2AAA batteries (Not included). On the backside is a USB port (consists of a charging cord ).
  • PINGKO wireless weather station designed in cobblestone shape, features a High-Precision Radio Frequency (RF) sensor, humidity, weather forecast, the temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit, day, alarm/snooze and time in 12/24. A high-end accurate weather/temperature measures for indoor and outdoor transmitted to the base station by stationing the wireless sensor outside your building.With Blue/Yellow/Purple LED backlight with animated and easy to read numbers, Icons, and graphics, at day/night time, indicating the current weather forecast. The smooth black body is highly resistant to scratch and is durable with cobblestone shape that is portable and attractive. The weather station is powered by 2AAA batteries (Not included). It has a USB port at the back (consists of a charging cord ).Humidity & TemperatureHumidity Accuracy: 5%
    Temperature Accuracy: 1C
    Humidity Detection Range 20% to 95%
    Outdoor Temperature Detection Range -30 C to 50C (-22F to 122F)
    Indoor Temperature Detection Range 0C to 50C (32F to 122F)
    Detection Period: 30 Sec.
    Standard Package Includes

    1 Power Adapter
    1 Remote Sensor
    1 Cobblestone Shape Weather Station
    1 USB Cable
    1 User Manual


    Exclusive 18 months warranty

  • Review

This weather station was ordered from Amazon.co.uk, costs £32.99 and I have placed a link to it at the bottom of this review.

This unit comes professionally boxed and appear to be a good quality addition to the home.


On opening you can see that there is not much to this. That’s a good thing as it pains me to see loads of different components to have to fit before you can see what it does. I want to play with it as soon as possible! Here, we have the unit, the power supply, instructions and the outdoor sensor.


The first thing that strikes me is the sleek black cobblestone shaped weather station. It looks really cool.


On the bottom of the unit are the controls. There are 4 buttons, M/s, +/CH, -/CH and MEM. (Now, a small gripe is that the instructions are printed so small you need a NASA telescope to be able to read them. This seems to be the norm nowadays but when your eyesight is not brilliant you have to find ways around it. The solution is to take a photo of the instructions on your phone and then zoom in. Actually, the instructions themselves are pretty easy to follow.)

So, the setup is very straight forward. Put two AAA batteries in the back of the outdoor sensor (Ignore the instructions which tell you to unscrew the tiny screws on the back of the sensor.) Plug in the power supply to the back of the weather station and connect to power source. (Again, a small gripe is that the lead on the power cable could be longer). The unit then lights up and if you place the sensor next to the station it will link up very quickly. You can then place the outdoor sensor anywhere you like outside. I placed mine under the sill of my french doors so that the unit was protected from the weather.


I love the different colours on display on the station!


To change the display, press and hold the M/S button and then use the +/CH or -/CH to adjust. Then press the M/S button again to move onto the next function. It took literally about a minute to set the display.


This unit also has an alarm mode so you can place it next to your bed.



Because of the modern design you can place it anywhere in your home and it always looks good.


Apart from the two small gripes about the instructions and power lead length this weather station is brilliant. So far the unit appears to be very accurate, it looks cool and does what it says on the tin!

You can buy one here: http://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/B076FZCHQC


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