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Black Replica Rolex Submariner Watch

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I purchased this from dhgate.com for $9.99 or £7.71 (Less than a packet of cigarettes!) from seller qq409906347 on 30th November 2017 and it arrived today 14th December 2017, which is pretty good considering that it is a busy time of year.

The item came really well protected, in a padded envelope and rolled in a protective padded wrapping.


The first thing I noticed was the weight. My previous Rolex replicas were pretty light averaging around 95gms. This one weighed in a 114gms, which doesn’t sound like much more but you can certainly feel the difference.

The watch has the Rolex logo on the face, crown,clasp and backplate.


The clasp is again really well made


Overall, I am very pleased with this watch and will certainly use this seller again.

To buy one click here: http://bit.ly/2jU5UUg


  1. Jube says:

    Thanks for blogging about one of my favorite things, replica watches. I used to collect but i stopped about 7 or 8 years ago. I recently decided to get back into it and found that I still have a lot of research to do. The sites I used are long gone, and the dealers I knew are gone as well. I’m starting from the ground level again. I found your site from a review on youtube that you did. I appreciate that this is a real site run by a real person and not a fake review site run by a scammer that has multiple sites. That was an old scam that I see is still in use today.
    I have known about DHgate for a while but never ordered from there before. I was glad to see you do some real reviews with pictures and honest reviews. DHgate has everything from the cheap $10 fakes to the expensive $500+ swiss replicas. Anyway, I wanted to just put an order through DHgate to see what the process is and to see how long delivery is. Basically I just wanted to test them out with a cheap order before I sent them a few hundred dollars.
    I noticed your review for this watch and I saw that the dealer had some more expensive watches too. This was a perfect dealer to use since this “submariner” was only $10 which is less than the cost of a good 6-pack, I placed the order 2 days ago and I am looking forward to see what I get.
    Here are some things I noticed about this Rolex Submariner I wanted to point out…

    *First off Rolex does not produce an all black PVD submariner. I have seen custom made genuine submariners with a PVD coating.

    * also the bezel is not a submariner bezel but it is a GMT or Yachtmaster bezel as far as I can tell.

    *The back is not black and has a silver case cover. The ones I have seen are all black.

    * the movement on this watch is quartz but Rolex only makes Automatic watches except for a few special instances.

    All-in-all it’s not a bad looking watch. I don’t expect it to be anywhere near a 1:1 replica for $10. It’s basically just a fun watch that is cooler than the crap you would buy in a department store. I am excited to see it in real life and to see how the whole transaction takes place. If it’s all good I will be ordering a few of this dealers nbicer watches. Again I want to thank you for doing this review because without it I wouldn’t have ordered at all. I look forward to more of your reviews.


    • Thanks for the comment Jube, which other readers are sure to find useful. I bow to your expertise my friend and i’m glad I have helped you regain your interest in replicas. I hope you find the watch you have ordered to be what you expect. Most of my watches have lasted at least a year and as you say, for $10 you can’t go wrong!
      Keep us updated


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