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The Master Wedding Planning Guide

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Dear Bride or Groom-to-be,

Why should you listen to my advice?

  • I have been a professional writer for many years with extensive wedding planning experience, so you know you will get amazing, well-written and comprehensive wedding planning advice!
  • I have researched all of the best wedding planning material… talked to lots of wedding planners… wedding vendors…. recently married couples… and have put it all together in this one superb resource!
  • Over 11,200 couples have already used my advice to cut their wedding costs… save their time and effort…. reduce their stress… and still have an awesome wedding!
  • When we surveyed my subscribers and asked “Did Julie’s information make your day more exciting and fun?”, 97% said “Strongly agreed.”

What’s More…

If you want to plan your dream wedding like a professional and save yourself valuable time, money, and prevent unnecessary stress; then you have to hear everything I am about to share with you, it’s that important.

If you have only just gotten engaged then you are probably right now feeling high on life, full of butterflies, buzz and excitement. Getting engaged is a truly magical experience and you probably can’t wait for the fun and joy of experiencing your engagement party, wedding, honeymoon and future together.

The problem is, if you don’t plan things properly, and plan early, then things could quite easily end up becoming quite a mess. Think for instance, how much money do you have now, and how much do you need to save? How long do you plan to be engaged? If your wedding is less that a year away then you better get all your planning done this week!

Did you know that most good wedding venues and reception venues are booked out more than 1 year in advance? Not to mention that many other wedding service providers, such as limousine companies, wedding photographers, etc, are also booked out 1 year in advance. And this is especially true if you plan to have your wedding in the summer.

Did you know that most of the expensive aspects of a wedding (the wedding rings, bridal gown, photographer, … you name it), can all be reduced in cost by over 50% without sacrificing any quality whatsoever?

Believe it or not, many wedding industry companies sell their products for higher than retail prices because they know that when it comes to weddings, many people buy on price rather than quality. Most people blindly assume that just because one company charges more than another, then they are better. This couldn’t be further from the truth and I’m going to show you how to save thousands of dollars on your wedding, without sacrificing quality!

I also share with you the essential elements, themes and ideas that will make your wedding feel magic.Think of my advice as your little black book of comprehensive wedding planning information and indespensible secrets.

Here’s a Sample of What YOU Will Receive…

Over 250 of YOUR specific wedding questions answered… Don’t be left wondering!

Money Saving Tips for EVERY PART of your Wedding: So that you can have a superb wedding without having to worry about paying it off for years to come. Slash your wedding costs by 40% or more.

The KEY QUESTIONS you MUST ask the potential photographer… videographer… floral arranger… caterer… venue provider… band… celebrant/minister… and everyone else associated with the wedding… in easy-to-use checklists.

A FULL WEDDING TIMELINE… Find out what you should do after the proposal… six months before the wedding… one month before the wedding… the week before.

AWESOME budgeting tables. You’ll never have to face the horror of coming back from your honeymoon to face a mountain of unpaid wedding bills. Eliminate any nasty surprises and keep track of your budget and bills with our handy 6 page “Wedding Budget” worksheet.

A Massive VIDEO and PHOTO CHECKLIST: So that you can make 100% sure that you have every photograph and video footage covered. After all you only get one chance to get it right!

Find out EXACTLY what each member of the bridal partys role and responsibilities are… the maid/matron of honor… the bridesmaids… the bestman… the groomsmen… even the bride and groom!

The RECOMMENDED ORDER OF EVENTS for the reception… and the wedding ceremony. Of course, you can do it your own way but it is always good to have something to work from that you know will work well!

The FULL Wedding Etiquette For Each Stage of the Wedding: Discover every detail that you need to know to make the day a huge success, not only for yourselves, but for all of your family and friends.

Lots of Wedding Planning Tables and Charts: So that you can save time by quickly and easily seeing where the guest list, gift list, seating arrangement, wedding budget and more is at.

A Fully Downloadable Book: So that you can save time by having this wedding planning package on your computer within 3 minutes!

Instant Access: Because this package is downloadable you get instant access to all of the time-saving tables and charts, money saving tips and techniques and much more straight away!

A Great Bonus Package: Get a whole lot of FREE stuff with your order, just check out the very bottom of this web page!

100% Guarantee: We personally offer a full refund, so if the package doesn’t match up to your expectations then just email me for a full refund anytime within 60 days.

Just imagine how fantastic and excited you are going to be on your wedding day! With The Master Wedding Planning Guide your day is GUARANTEED to be a success, and what’s more you will be able to have the wedding of your dreams at half the cost and with as little stress as possible!

What’s More… You can get my Guide Instantly … No Time Wasted Shopping or Waiting for Mail!

Because I know how busy you are, I’m offering my Guide as a FULLY DOWNLOADABLE PACKAGE. All of our great tips and insights can be downloaded to your computer within 4 minutes!

You’ll have INSTANT ACCESS to all of the planning tables, checklists, timelines, tips, and bonus books!

Click Here!

PSSST……Top tip….If you go to ‘x’ out of the tab of the above link and then on ‘Stay’ you will be offered a big discount!

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