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Shiatsu 310B Cordless Heat Massager

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power adapter


Arm loop




adjustable arm loop


Charging socket


The item box

I wasn’t sure what to expect when I received this in the post. I have never used one of these even though I suffer with back and neck pain.

On unboxing I found a sturdy protective product box which was well protected in the outer box with bubble wrap and has the instruction booklet inside with the power adapter. The unit itself was quite heavy, made from polyurethane material, feels strong and seemed pretty straight forward to use. The control panel is three buttons on the right hand arm strap. The middle button is the power button, the top button controls the direction of the massage and the bottom button controls the heat. Heat is turned on by default so you can press that button to turn it off. Once on the massage unit is two sets of rotating massage balls, which give you a rigorous massage. The heat is quite nice as well and stays on for 15 minutes. I will update this review once I have used it a few times but it seems pretty good. This unit is selling for £49.99 on Amazon. If you suffer from a stiff neck then this is a good unit for you.I was quite surprised how hard the massage is but then I suppose it has to be to do any good.

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