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Iphone Charging Dock

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Iphone Charging Dock


Now, this docking station was one I purchased from http://www.aliexpress.com. If you have never looked at their site you might be very surprised. You can purchase one item or many of that item, its up to you. The price goes down the more you buy. The great thing about Ali is that they don’t pay the seller until you confirm that you have received the item, so your money is safe. If it does not appear then they will send another or issue you with a refund…easy! I have ordered, in the region of, about 80 items from there and only two have not turned up and I got a refund straight away. Delivery takes about 3 weeks to the UK.

This docking station is available by clicking on the photo above.

This unit sells for the mighty price of £2.92


The unit was packed into a padded plastic envelope and came in this presentation box

I have an Iphone 7 plus which i keep in a leather flip cover and it slotted nicely onto the connector with no problems. The unit charged my phone, so it literally does what it says on the box.The lead is a good length so I placed it on my bedside cabinet and it plugged into the wall without having to stretch the cable. It has a non-slip rubber base and the base has a tilted angle.

Overall a nice bit of kit and I have just ordered another one for the wife. They do them in a number of colours, black,blue, rose gold, gold and silver and for Iphone 7 plus, 7, 6 plus, 6S, 6, SE,5, 5S, 5C.


You can buy one here: http://bit.ly/2yM1N5Z

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