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Tree of Life Bracelet

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This Tree of Life Bracelet is made with natural gemstones. It’s a stunning piece that would suit any occasion. 

Keeping your chakras balanced is extremely important and supports a balanced life. And wearing this beautiful bracelet will keep you aware of your seven energy centres.


  • The Tree of Life was a life-giving tree in the Garden of Eden created to sustain the physical life of humanity  
  •  Chakras are the energy centres that receive, assimilate and express life force energy.
  •  They are active all of the time and impact on your physical, mental, and spiritual functions.

With your Tree of life bracelet you will also receive 3 special bonus books!

This Tree of Life Bracelet is adorned with natural stones matching each of your chakras. Together with the mystical tiger eye stones, this bracelet is just beautiful.

An ideal Christmas gift for your loved one!

Now only £27

More information here: http://bit.ly/2zGkc4v

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  1. thanks for sharing this really the contant is amazing
    informative,interesting , motivate also which was i am looking for . please keep updating step by step


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