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The Enigma Strain by Nick Thacker

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The latest in action thriller fiction from best selling author Nick Thacker!


From the bestselling thriller author of The Golden Crystal and The Depths, The Enigma Strain is the best of both worlds: a nonstop “terrorism in America” plot that will take you on a wild ride around the nation, combined with characters you’ll fall in love with!


An action-packed thrill ride for armchair travelers, For fans of Dan Brown, James Patterson, Clive Cussler, Douglas Preston & Lincoln Child, Jeremy Robinson, James Rollins, and Andy McDermott, you’ll be a fan of The Enigma Strain


When a bomb goes off at Yellowstone National Park, threatening the stability of the world’s largest active volcano, the reclusive park ranger Harvey “Ben” Bennett is startled to realize that the blast itself wasn’t the only threat: the bomb released a virus into the air, and the outbreak is beginning to infect and kill more and more people.

Ben teams up with Juliette Richardson, a driven CDC agent working inside the newly-formed BTR (Biological Threat Research) team, to find the people behind the act of terrorism.

When the attacks get personal, Ben and Julie take it upon themselves to seek out and destroy the threat before it’s too late.


A race across the United States, chasing terrorists, dodging bullets, and escaping the threat of a deadly virus outbreak and military apocalypse…


…this is not an action thriller novel you’ll want to miss…


I never wanted to put this book down! The main character, Harvey Bennett, is the type of character that you found yourself cheering for. I was kept interested in the story all the way through, liking the different characters. There was a lot of detail in the story, almost like James Rollins and Dan Brown books, which i like. I found the story based around the Yellowstone National Park and in particular the caldera hidden below the surface interesting giving the book a second background story. Can Bennett save the world or will he be blown to pieces? Well you will have to get this book and find out.

** I tested and reviewed this product gratis from the vendor in return for filing a review **

You can buy a copy here:

UK – http://amzn.to/2iERSEH

US – http://amzn.to/2Ar94oV

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