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Replica Rolex Submariner Watch

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I purchased this Replica Rolex Submariner watch about 6 months ago for about £12 on Alixexpress.com. It is such a lovely looking watch and brings envious looks from my work colleagues who assume its a real one. Now, I don’t think I will ever be in a position to purchase a real Rolex but love the look of them so this is the only way of ever owning anything like one. This blue coloured watch is stunning to look at. The blue bezel clicks round the face and you have to unscrew the winder to adjust the date and time. It comes on a chrome coloured bracelet which is fully adjustable. It runs with a quartz movement so takes a normal sized watch battery. The rear cover is embossed with the Rolex logo as it the clasp of the bracelet. The rear cover is a screw type which I open using an old rubber bouncy ball and by putting pressure on it you can turn the back without scratching the surface. You can buy the batteries from alixexpress for about £3-£4 for a dozen batteries.You can also buy really cheap watch tools from aliexpress.

It is more difficult to find these watches on aliexpress, sometimes if you type in ‘submariner’ you can still find a few sellers on there. Remember, that your money is safe on aliexpress as you pay when ordering but they don’t pay the seller until you confirm receipt of the delivery. You can see more of these watches on dhgate.com just by putting in the model ‘submariner’.


You can purchase these watches on DHgate.com here:


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