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Replica Rolex Daytona Gold Watch

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I purchased this watch about 6 months ago for around £10 from Aliexpress. This watch is gold plated and looks very expensive. The watch comes with auto date and calendar (day & date) which are adjusted via the buttons on the right hand side of the watch.The bracelet can be adjusted to 20mm to 29mm and is easily adjusted for size.You can purchase the tools to do this on Aliexpress very cheaply.


The bracelet clasp is embossed with the Rolex logo

The rear casing is also embossed with the Rolex name and model


The winder has the Rolex logo imprinted on it


The bracelet is fully adjustable for size

This watch is driven by a battery, again you can purchase a box of 50 batteries for around £3 from Aliexpress.

Overall, a nice watch. I’m not sure how long the gold plating will last but after 6 months it still looks good.

Aliexpress has clamped down on replicas being sold on their site but you can still find them on dhgate.com if you put in the model you are after, e.g submariner, daytona etc

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  1. Aleksandr dubinin says:

    I need this replica rolex daytona gold watch


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