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Clear Cell Skin Tag Removal

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This is a skin tag/wart removal gel that i purchased from Aliexpress.com for £7.17. I had previously had some skin tag removed at my local GP’s, where they burn them off! Yes, they burn them off and it is not very pleasant! So, when I developed some more tags (I must have baggy skin or something) I immediately looked for a more civil removal process. Of course I headed over to Aliexpress to see what they had. I then found this product and for £7 I thought it was well worth a look.

The item turned up after about two weeks. On unpacking I found two bottles, one black and one with a clear gel in it. There was an instruction manual in the box, unfortunately it was in Chinese, so I went on a google search and found out that you apply the gel from the black bottle and then when the skin tag is removed you apply the clear gel as a sort of repair job.

There is no built in applicator so I used a cocktail stick to remove small amounts of the gel and pasted it on the skin tag. At first there did not seem to be any reaction and then you can start to feel a small burning which intensifies. It is not as bad as the time it was burnt off at the GP’s but still is fairly uncomfortable, but my thoughts were that at least it seemed to be doing something. I kept applying the gel for the next 10 days and could see the tag turn black and then eventually it fell off.I then applied the  clear gel on the small red mark that was left.After a few days there was no sign of where the skin tag was.

So, this product  really works, it is not painless but I was happy with the results.

You can buy this product by clicking on the photo below:



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