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Breitling for Bentley Motors White Face watch

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I purchased this watch about 9 months ago for £25 from Aliexpress.com. This is a replica Breitling for Bentley Motors with a white face. This is a really heavy watch. It has two buttons that adjust the day and date on the right hand side of the watch face and a central winder to adjust the time. This watch is automatic which means no batteries and you just give it a gentle shake when you first put it on and it generally keeps going all day from the natural movements of your arm.


The bracelet is embossed with the Breitling name, 1884 and the Breitling logo.The bracelet is fully adjustable for size.


The rear casing details imprinted versions of the different Bentleys.



This is a lovely watch which looks very expensive and works perfectly.

Although Aliexpress have clamped down on replica products you can still find them on dhgate.com if you put in the watch model, i.e. bentley watch, Navitimer etc


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