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Viglen Windows 10 Tablet

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This is a Viglen Windows 10 8.9″ Tablet that I have had for a couple of months now. The specifications are:

  • Intel Atom Processor
  • Windows 10 Home edition
  • 8.9″ capacitive touch screen
  • 32 GB Solid State Drive
  • 1GB Ram
  • WiFi 802.11b/g
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • 2.0MP (front and rear) camera
  • Micro HDMI
  • Micro SD Card – expand your storage capacity (supports cards up to 32GB)
  • Includes Microsoft Word mobile, Excel Mobile, PowerPoint Mobile and Onenote

I would have liked an Apple Ipad but they are a ridiculous price so this tablet, which was half price at the time, £149 looked a decent option.

I use a laptop a lot of the time running Windows 10 so, for me, this became a smaller version of what I already had. The set up was easy and, knowing Windows 10 well, I was able to put my own background on very quickly and it then started to feel like home. Ok, so you can see, from the background I installed, I’m an Everton fan…well, you can’t all be perfect, like me!

Viglen 2

You can download all your favourite software, which for me was a great selling point.

The only thing negative I could say about it is that, with only 1GB of Ram, it runs a little slow, but you can’t have everything for £149. I really got it to load up with movies and ebooks before I go on holiday so I can use it on the plane and, having got an extra 32GB in it I can store something in the region of 50 plus movies on it. I purchased a cover for it from ebay so it will sit upright without having to hold it. The battery is fine for a couple of hours at least.The cameras are adequate, but to be honest I didn’t really get it to take photos. It is handy that the office apps are pre-installed and it really does act like a normal desktop or laptop computer.

Overall, it is a great little tablet and keeps you in your comfort zone, especially if you don’t want to pay out for an Apple.

You can buy one here in the UK:


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