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Set of 4 Palette Knives

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  • DIFFERENT SIZES – Thanks to the four different sizes, you have the perfect utensil for every kind of decoration of cakes – every complicated cream or chocolate can be easily mastered!
  • EASY HANDLING – The comfortable handles allows a better precision when decorating the tortes and cakes. This is how the glaze knives form a perfect tool for the decoration of your own baking projects!
  • DISHWASHER – The 90degree kitchen pallet set can be washed easily in the dishwasher after use – it saves unnecessary time for washing it with hands
  • PRICE / SHIPPING – The four-piece cake knife set is sent free of charge to your home. A reasonable price for such a versatile pie cutter set provides additional fairness to you.
  • UNIVERSAL – In addition to the angle pallets and the pallets, there is also a cake rack in the set – A complete all-round package for the kitchen when it comes to decorating cakes


Well, I wasn’t sure that I would be able to tell you much about 4 palette knives, I mean what don’t you know about them? The ones I’ve used in the past have been those flat ones and the problem i have, and you probably, always faced is how to get a cake or flan out of the blooming baking case without wrecking the whole thing!.

Well, I think these palette knives are the solution. You get two straight (normal) palette knives and two palette knives that have a bend in the blade allowing you to extract your work of art without smashing it.

You get four different sizes, 36.5cm, 36cm,31.5cm and 27cm. All the blades are 31mm wide. The moulded plastic handles fit nicely in your hand and appear to be heavy duty.

IMG_2504IMG_2507IMG_2505Spatulas 2

Spatulas 3

As you can see, the moulded plastic handles fit tightly against the blade which prevents bad hygiene with food getting trapped there. The blades themselves are very strong and the blades are very easy to wash after use and are dishwasher proof. They also take up very little space in your cutlery drawer. They are also great for serving and cutting pies, cakes, flans etc. You can also uses these for spreading icing, cream and other fillings making them great for those that love to bake.

The handles do look a bit bland but according to the seller there will be logos printed on the handles.

Overall a great addition to your kitchen gadgets and you will be able to use these for many years to come.

You can purchase them here:


** I tested and reviewed this product gratis from the vendor in return for filing a review **

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