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1080p HD Dash Cam Night Vision Car DVR 2.7″ LCD Camera with G sensor

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This Dash Camera EASILY Mounts To Your Existing Rear-View Mirror In Just Seconds!

Works just like a regular Rear-View Mirror, and has a 1080P HD Camera recording everything in the road ahead!

2.7 inch LCD display screen allows you to adjust the camera angle easily in real-time, and can be turned off while driving to avoid distraction.

This camera is great for capturing video of traffic accidents and reporting dangerous drivers. The most important aspect of this is it can help protect you by showing you were not at fault if, say for example, a bicyclist darts out into traffic and you hit them! .


–Motion detection Function

–170° wide angle lens, can record in more angles

–After opening the motion detection, it will record automatically if there is anyone
entering the picture. The function is normally used to monitor parking.

–Auto Loop recording:
When the memory card is full will automatically overwrite the oldest video began circulating recording to ensure that the memory card is the latest of the latest movie, you do not have to worry about the memory card is full of problems.

–G-sensor: Built-in G-sensor, when car accident happens, automatically saved and will not deleted.

–Fits easily over your stock vehicle’s existing mirror


Operating temperature -30℃~60℃

Storage humidity -30—70%RH

Screen size 2.7 inch TFT

Support card TF card (not INCLUDED)

Support TF card Up to 32GB (not INCLUDED)

Recording resolution 1080P

Pixels 2600W

Minimum lux 1 Lux

Recording way Cycle recording/motion detection

View angle 120degree

Video format AVI

Photo format JPEG

Video resolution 1920x1080P(24fps) 1440*1080/1280*720/848*480/320*240(30fps)

Photo resolution

Video output AVOUT video output, HDMI video output

Seamless recording Support

Night vision Support/optional

Motion detect Support

Circle recording Support

Voice recording Support

G-Senor Support

Emergent G-Sensor Support

Current frequency: 50HZ/60HZ

Power supply Car power 5V 1A

USB Port: Mini5Pin USB2.0

Color: Black

Packaged included:

1 x HD Car DVR

1 x Car charger plug

1 x USB Cable

1 X Sucker

1 x User manual




I purchased 3 of these dash cams from eBay, one for me, one for my wife and one for a bloke at work. They took about 3 weeks to turn up as they were coming from China. The boxes were bashed about a bit when they arrived, but that was probably down to over enthusiastic delivery people!

The contents were all there in all three boxes and that was the main thing.

Now, it does state that these units can attach to your rear view mirror. I think the only rear view mirrors it may fit to would be ones on a Model T Ford! There is no way that they can attach to any modern mirrors as they are so large. Anyway, the suction cup is adequate and holds firmly on the screen.

This unit is tiny, probably the size of a credit card, but you don’t want anything too big as it would distract you from driving. The screen is very clear and the picture from the camera is crisp and of a good standard. The camera comes with power cable that plugs into the cigarette lighter socket in your dash but the lead is not very long. It reached in my wife’s car but was no where near for mine, so I had to hunt the house out until I found an old cable that I could use.

You have to buy a micro sd card which slots into the side of the unit. I got my 32gb card off ‘Joom’ which is similar to ‘Wish’ for £7.99.

The unit powers up automatically when you turn your ignition on and then records your journey. The recordings will automatically overwrite any data on the card when it runs out of space, unless you specifically tell it not to.

Overall, this unit is not too bad. It records perfectly and that’s what I bought it for, so I can’t really complain. The short lead was a minor headache, but could be major if you haven’t got a longer spare.

You can get one from this Seller: https://goo.gl/kbAHqG

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