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Genuine JomoTech Lite 40 S Kit TPD Version 40W 2200mAh Vape

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Safe- in -Use : 2200mAh built in rechargeable battery. 4 lights on the battery side to show the current capacity .Smart chip to prevent overcharging and will stop automatically when it becomes fully charged.

   Easy- in- Use: The most popular pocket size, it is comfortable to hold and easy to carry. 5 continuous clicks to Power off/on . Pyrex glass  clearomizer tank, you can see how much e-liquid you have left or refilled. Airflow hole on the base of the atomizer to control the air input according to the vapour your need.

   Nice- in- Use: Beautiful shape,comes with a fashion box .An ideal gift for lovers ,friends ,parents or your own use.

   Guarantee in Use: The products have been certificated by CE, FCC and RoHS. Select lite 40 kit, will give you an amazing vaping experience and have a lot fun! 

Lite 40S Specifications:

Model : Lite 40S Kit
Brand : Jomo Tech
Kit Weight : About 220g
Battery Capacity : 2200mAh
Power : 40w
Input Voltage : 5V/1A
Output Voltage : 4.2V/20A
Atomizer Resistance : 0.5ohm
Charging Time : 1-2h
Atomizer Volume : 2ml
Colors Available : Black, Rose Gold and Lilac
Body Size : 38*22*73mm
Power off/on : 5 continuous clicks
Certificates : CE,FCC,Rohs

Package Including:

1 x Lite 40S tank
1 x Lite 40 battery
1 x 0.5 sub ohm Coil in the tank
1 x Micro USB charge Cable
1 x Packing Box


I smoked cigarettes for quite a few years on and off. I found I could stop whenever I liked but as soon as I got stressed I would go back to ciggies.

I gave up for about 18 months by using one of the first ‘Vapes’ which were the pen shaped ones. You can pick them up now for just a few quid so when I decided to kick the habit again I decided to go for one of the more modern vapes. Now the price of these can vary from £15 up to £150 depending on what sort you want.

I just wanted to start with the cheapy version so went onto eBay and found these little gems.So this one was £15.47. It comes in a smart box:


In the box you get your complete vape, charging cable and instruction manual. Setup is pretty straight forward, unscrew the top clear tank and turn it over. Unscrew the bottom of the tank and remove, squeeze some vape eliquid down the side of the clear tank until it reaches the top of the silver coil. Screw the bottom back on. Screw it back onto the battery section. You are then ready to vape.

To vape, press the black button on the side of the battery section 5 times. The 4 lights on the side of the battery section will blink a couple of times. Then when you are ready to vape, put your lips over the top of the tank and press the black button on the side of the battery section sucking at the same time and voila!

The smoke that is generated is water vapour and does not contain any of the harmful ingredients of a cigarette. There is still research going on to see if these things do any harm but they have got to be better that ciggies.

There is a charging port on the bottom of the battery section and takes around 30 – 45 mins to fully charge from empty and a full charge lasts me all day.



I have found these vapes to be really easy to use and brilliant for a novice vaper.

The vape eliquid I use is Red Adaire, a mix of black grapes and red berries that are cut through with undertones of aniseed and menthol, and finally finished off with hints of sweet eucalyptus, and is lovely. You can buy it on ebay for £7.99 for 60ml. You can select any nicotine strength, I use 3ml, as any more gives me a sore throat, but with the £7.99 deal you get the nicotine separately so you can add as much or as little as you like.

You can buy this vape here: https://goo.gl/D6qP8Y

You can get the Red Astaire Vape eliquid here: https://goo.gl/EMwXoX

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