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Review of Just For Men Control Gx 2-In-1 Grey reducing shampoo and conditioner

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control gx

  • Just for Men Control GX Shampoo & Conditioner – Gradually reduces grey
  • Subtle, natural-looking results
  • Cleans, conditions, & revitalizes hair
  • For any shade of hair


FullSizeRender (8)

As you can see, I was starting to get really grey. I hadn’t really noticed as my hair is darker at the front but it wasn’t until someone took a photo in the office and I wondered who the old fella was in the background and suddenly I realised it was me!

I have tried hair dyes in the past but they just turned my hair orange, not a good look really! So I was under the impression that I didn’t really have a lot of choice and would have to go the rest of my career being called ‘snowy’ and ‘old man’.

That was until I saw the new Just for Men grey reducing shampoo and conditioner. This stuff doesn’t dye your hair after one application it gradually turns your hair colour so people don’t even notice.

I have taken a photo each day since I started to use it:


As you can see, this has been a very gradual colour change.

To use, you just wet you hair over a sink or bath, put a small pebble sized amount of the lotion in the palm of your hand and then massage it into your hair like normal shampoo. Rince your hands as soon as you are done, leave on for 1 minute and rince off thoroughly. Be aware that if you don’t rince your hands thoroughly you will end up with black fingernails! Use it every day until you get the desired result…easy peasy!

This is a great product and works perfectly, I would definitely recommend this product.

In the US you can buy it here: http://amzn.to/2rSZJl5

In the UK you can buy it here: http://amzn.to/2u7Kh5l


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