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Roto Clipper Electric Nail Trimmer and Nail File, White & Green

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I saw this advertised in our local supermarket on one of those JML video stands and needing a new nail clipper thought I would give it a try. This is the selling shizzle:

About the product
  • PERFECT, EFFORTLESS TRIM: The Roto Clipper electric trimmer is the safe way to trim your nails and is perfect for use on kids
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Designed for easy and pain free use on fingernails unlike your outdated manual nail trimmer RECESSED
  • ROTATING BLADES: Beveled blade spins at 500 RPM using one side to trim nails and one side to file nails
  • SMOOTH, EVEN EDGES: Built in light helps trim and file nails perfectly every time
  • WHAT YOU GET: One Roto Clipper Electric Nail Trimmer + One brush + A removable head for easy cleaning. The Roto Clipper is a great gift for both men and women for birthdays, Christmas, Valentines Day, or any other occasion
  • Note: If using it for several hours, nail trimmings can build up inside the device and affect the functionality. Need to clean the item after the use.Cleaning instruction is provided in the user manual.

Ok, So I don’t have the perfect finger nails, yes i have the disgusting habit of biting them now and again when I get stressed! As for my toenails, well lets not go there!

Anyway, I managed to get the clipper out of the adult proof packaging and slotted in my brand new batteries in the bottom section. Flicked the switch on the main body and hey presto! success, it worked. It sure looks good on the advert but what I failed to notice was that you need talons, not nails. There is a tiny slot in the top end where you are supposed to push your nail into. Well, not matter what I did I couldn’t get my nail in there far enough to do anything! Disappointing!

rotoclipper 1

So, not to be defeated I tried one of my toe nails. Now, these are a bit longer so I had high hopes. With great trepidation i pushed my toenail into the slot. There was a bit of grinding so I pulled my toe back and saw that it had chopped off a sliver of nail. But that was where my joy ended as unless you have flat nails you can only do the tips of them.

So, for me, a bloody useless bit of kit! As for the laser light:

rotoclipper 2

What this is supposed to do i’m not sure. It’s just a blue light, and pretty useless!rotoclipper 3rotoclipper 4


So unless you have long flat nails don’t bother wasting your money on this piece of plastic.

If you do have long flat nails you can buy one here: http://amzn.to/2rqLhA1

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