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Amazon FBA: Amazon FBA Private Label BluePrint to Build a Profitable Business or Passive Income Stream for Beginners by George Pain

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amazon fba

Are you looking to build a source of passive income that will let you quit your 9-5 job? Amazon FBA is the answer.

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Amazon is no doubt a multi-billion dollar enterprise that has built its reputation as a global online marketplace where both consumers and suppliers interact for business. Budding entrepreneurs have made it big by starting off their enterprises on Amazon. You are not an exception.

This book is a guide that is specifically tailored to provide you with practical hand-on information to enable you launch your passive income business enterprise on Amazon.

The guide begins by explaining to you, in a beginner-approach, what Amazon FBA is and how to create a Private Label that you can sell using FBA. It goes on to the next logical step – setting up Amazon seller account, by showing you how to open and set up your Amazon seller account.

Here’s What’s Included in This Book:


  • What is Amazon FBA and Private labeling?
  • How to Set up Your Amazon Seller Account
  • Choose Your Niche
  • Choose Your Supplier
  • Keyword Optimization
  • Branding Your Products
  • Driving Traffic
  • Automate the Entire Process


When I got asked to read and review this book, I had no idea what Amazon FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon) was. The weird thing was that a work colleague came into work to say that she was not going to be returning to work after having her baby because she was going to work from home. Intrigued, I asked her what she was going to do and she told me that she was going to sell mugs on Amazon. Now, this was very spooky as I had just started to read this book. She was going to buy these mugs from a Chinese wholesaler, ship them to Amazon who would sell them on her behalf. Now this book was making sense big time! This book goes into lots of detail on how to start your own business selling on Amazon. This has got to be a ‘must read’ for anyone starting out and covers every angle making it a sort of FBA bible. It even gives you ideas on how to raise your starting money if you have none!. Wanna make money on Amazon? Buy this book now!

Buy it here:



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