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New Swimming Robot Fish

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100% brand new and high quality.

Can be used as fish in the fish tank act like real fish.

Also can be a good toy for babies and children.

A good gift for you own and others.

Item type: robot fish

Material: plastic

Color: red, orange, pink, blue, green

Power supply: 2 x AG13 batteries(contains another two batteries)

Size: 8*2.3*3.5cm/3.15”*0.91”*1.38”

Package includes: 1 x robot fish(contains 2 batteries inside the fish and another two batteries)

fish 6
I’m always on the lookout for new toys for my two cats (Yeah, I’m a complete softy) and I saw an advert for these battery operated fish and I thought wow, they would love them!
Now, I’m always looking for a bargain so looked on Wish.com and,of course, they had their cheap versions.
I paid £0.85 each and got two. The fish came very quickly, about two weeks to the UK. They were smartly packaged and come with a fitted battery and two spares.
We had already purchased a small plastic fish bowl from Poundland, so being very excited I quickly filled the bowl with water and ripped open the the packets.
You have to put them in the water and then press the two black rubber buttons on either side of the fish.
I got the fish working, the rubber tail flicks and pushes the fish around the bowl. They don’t really sink into the water and just swim around the surface.
The cats, especially Tilly took an instant interest in them and decided to play it cool for a few minutes before springing on the bowl and tentatively put her paw in the water.
For the next hour, her and Pickle stalked those fish, licking their lips to no avail.
Unfortunately the batteries ran out after an hour so this could be an expensive business!
Now, there are expensive versions of these fish and you get what you pay for, but for novelty value these are pretty good.
You can purchase these from http://wish.com or http://dhgate.com
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