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Small Wireless Invisible Bluetooth Mini Earphone S530

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Stereo Dual Bluetooth Headset
The Bluetooth version: Bluetooth v4.0 + EDR
Mode: HFP\u00a1\u00a2HSP\u00a1\u00a2HD Voice\u00a1\u00a2Voice Prompts A2DP\u00a1\u00a2AVRCP\u00a1\u00a2IOS BATTERY STATE MONITOR \u00a1\u00a2Multipoint
Frequency: 2.4GHz
Transimit Power: Class 2
Adapter: AC Input 110-240V, DC out put 5V
Music Time: 3.0H about
Talking Time: 4H about
Standby Time: 110H aboutPackage includes: 1 x headphone, 1 x charging cable
This arrived in good time from China. I purchased it for £2.00 from http://wish.com.
On opening the packaging i found the earbud in a secure clear topped box
On removing the bud holder I found the small USB charging lead and an instruction manual., but who needs an instruction manual right?
I just pressed and held the large button on the front of the earbud until a small blue light started blinking on the bottom of the unit. I went to my iphone 7 Plus and checked the bluetooth in Settings and the phone had recognised the bud straight away(S530) so I just pressed on the S530 and then turned some music on from my music app. The earbud fits snuggly into your right ear and I heard music straight away.
This is a great item, not just because of the price but also because it actually works. Now you can always pay heaps of hard earned cash for Apple buds or you can get the same thing for just a couple of quid…You decide!
You can purchase one of these earbuds here:

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