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Noble Crystal Cluster Chain Necklace

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This is a retro gold plated luxury noble crystal cluster chain necklace, purchased from Aliexpress.com for £1.56.

This is quite a flashy necklace which caught my eye. As you can see the metal parts of the necklace are plated in retro gold giving it that antique look.


This necklace is very large and the gold plating, in places isn’t finished to a high standard, but what can you expect for £1.56!. From a distance it looks stunning but close up it looks like cheap costume jewellery. You would probably pay £7 – £10 for the same piece in any of the high street fashion stores.


The necklace is quite sturdy and will probably last quite a while. The chain link is about 50cm and weighs 92gms. The necklace length can be adjusted by up to 8.5cm.

Overall, good value for money

You can buy similar jewellery at http://aliexpress.com

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