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Amumiu Stainless Steel Ring

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This gold and silver coloured Stainless Steel ring was purchased from Ali Express for £1.45. I loved the look of the ring on the site and needed to replace my wedding ring as it had broken, which was 32 years old so it had lived its life well.

The ring came after around 3 weeks and came in a small padded envelope. I had used the size chart on the site and when i put it on it fitted perfectly.


This ring is solid. It would take something very heavy to put a dent in it and it looks very unusual and classy. It has been struck in a gold colour with the silver layer put on top and then has slashes running through it so the gold shows through. I Love it and I am thinking of going for the black and silver version to go on my other hand.
You can view the site by clicking on the photo below:


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