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Replica Breitling for Bentley Motors Watch

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This watch was purchased from AliExpress.com for £23. It is a bit more difficult to find replica items on Aliexpress now but you can still get them on DHGate.com by putting in the model you are looking for. So for this watch, by putting in Bentley watch you can find suppliers. For Rolex replicas you have to put in ‘submariner’ or ‘day date’ and there are plenty to choose from. Rolex watches are normally around the £12 – £15 mark and the Breitlings around £25 – £35 mark.


This Breitling is really heavy. The watch is automatic, meaning no batteries are required, you just shake it before you put it on and just normal daytime moovement will keep it going. This watch is very well made, all the side buttons work as do the dails on the watch face. The watch comes with quite a big bracelet but was easy to adjust for my wrist diameter. The rear case of the watch is pretty intricate showing different models of Bentley motors:


I have had this watch for a few months now so makes it very good value for money.


The silver bracelet is embossed with the Breitling 1664 logo.


Overall, a lovely watch and well worth the money.

Here is a similar one on DHGate.com for $41.


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