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Princess blue crystal and CZ Ring

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Now, I normally go for good quality jewellery for my wife as you usually get what you pay for. I saw this on Alixexpress and decided it was worth a punt at the price, £3.27!


It arrived fairly quickly, about two weeks and I was pleasantly surprised when i saw it.

The ring metal is a silver/platinum style, probably plated but looked really good.


The ring really sparkles and my wife was very pleased when she saw it. Her colleagues at work all think it is the real thing, sapphire and diamonds.

She has had it for about 3 months and it still looks brand new.

Please make sure you check out the sizes as they are different to UK sizes. The size 7 I ordered was spot on.

Overall a superb ring and well worth the purchase price.

You can order one here (just click on the photo below):




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