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Stormy Waters by Miron Benari

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‘His past is darker than he could ever imagine.

Adam Bernstein wakes up on the beach at dead of night, next to a mutilated body, with a pounding, bloody headache and no memory. Terrified, he flees the crime scene, on a quest to discover his identity, his freedom and his life.

Will he find himself before THEY find him?

Adam quickly learns that his former life holds everything he could ask for: plenty of money, a stunning girlfriend and an enviable talent for drawing. For a moment, it even seems like things might go back to being normal again. But everything is shattered when an unknown man attempts at Adam’s assassination.

He knows something dark lies in his past. But he can’t imagine just how dark it is.

A man on a desperate race for survival Adam is trying to piece together the remains of his past. A dark, urban thriller about love, crime and blood that will leave you sweating.’

The book starts with Adam waking up on a beach near to a trussed up dead body and no memory of who he was or what had happened. This starts the journey of the main character along with another unfortunate soul, Victor and the  women in their lives. The story chops about a bit but it really is one of those books that you can follow easily and can’t wait to turn over to the next page. For me, it kept me interested in the story and characters. If you like crime thrillers then give this one a try and i’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

You can find it here:

or here in the UK:


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