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Binatone U435 Satellite Navigation unit

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This unit was purchased from Amazon for around £40. I wanted something simple as it was for my Dad for his birthday and he is not too techno savvy.

The box comes with the main sat nav unit, instruction manual, car windscreen holder and the car charging cable. What i did find odd was that there was no USB to USB cable with it to connect to your computer, but luckily I had one knocking around so not a major problem for me.


I checked the screen holder first and yes it fits, a good start.

The box claims that you receive full lifetime maps update so I thought I would make sure it had the most up to date maps on it. You have to download a program called NPlus, which is free and when you connect the unit to the PC it should also automatically download the windows mobile device program. Once that is done the software will connect to your device. I then checked the update button and it claimed that there were no new updates available. The maps on the unit are dated at 2015 so it is a bit bizarre that there is no update at all.

The unit turns on via a on/off button on the top edge of the unit and loads pretty quickly. It found the GPS signal quickly and found my position straight away.


The maps are fairly clear but a bit basic. Apparently it has speed camera alerts built in but not being able to update makes me wonder how recent they are.

This is a cheap basic unit for the novice sat nav user and seems to work ok.

The reviews on Amazon do not make for good reading and perhaps I should have read them first but hey-ho we will see what happens.

The unit can be purchased here:



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