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Google Cardboard VR Box virtual reality 3D glasses

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I always wanted to try out these 3D glasses, must be the big kid in me!

I saw these on Aliexpress.com and the price was good so I thought i would give them a go.

The glasses came boxed in about a week, which is amazingly quick for goods from China, so I was impressed straight away. The glasses are ready to go straight out of the box so I downloaded several apps for my iphone 7 Plus and tried it out straight away. There is a front section that slides out (shown below) and you can take it right out to fit your phone in.


There is a spring loaded panel that you push up and slide your phone in on it’s side.Select your app and then slide the panel back into the unit. There are two sliders on the top of the unit (shown below) which help you adjust the focus.



Slide the elasticated head band over your head. These can be adjusted for your comfort.

Your are ready to go. I really enjoyed VR X-Racer from the Apple app store, but there are loads of free apps you can download. I also watched the Titanic movie in 3D and it was fantastic. YouTube is also another great place to find 3D movies and games.

These glasses are available here:


Price: £13.32

Aliexpress.com has many different styles available so give them a look.

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