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Turbo 3 Cash Machine, Join for only $3!


WHAT IS Turbo3CashMashine?
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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Join Turbo3CashMashine?
To join Turbo3CashMashine, click the big ‘Join Now’ button on this website. Once you join, you will receive immediate access to the members area. Look out for your welcome email.Will this work in my country?
Turbo3CashMashine works internationally. The only thing is, you will need to have a PayPal account. So if your country does not support PayPal or has restriction in PayPal activities, unfortunately Turbo3CashMashine will not work for you.

Are there any extra costs involved?
No, the only cost is the one-off joining fee. No monthly fees, no up sells, no auto-responders.

Is this a SCAM?
No, not at all.. This is real, and members are making real money direct to their PayPal accounts. This is not MLM; All members are on the same level.

Is this a Pyramid / PONZI Scheme?
Are you serious?! We wouldn’t create a system that is illegal. For it to be a pyramid scheme, you need to have someone on top collecting all the money. Since there is no down line or matrix to build, there is no one sitting on the top position. Money is being passed on from member to member only

Do I need to wait to get paid when people join through my unique link?
No, for everyone that joins through your link, you will be paid direct to your PayPal account… So no waiting around for your money, or minimum payouts. You will receive the money instantly. No offers to complete. Get paid 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Is it hard to make money with Turbo3CashMashine?
Not at all. Turbo3CashMashine is not complicated & we provide everything you need to get started. If your able to dedicate 30 mins per day posting your link on various classified ad sites, forums & Facebook, you will make money. We feel Turbo3CashMashine is the easiest & quickest way to make money online and members usually make their first sale within hours of posting links.

I want to ask again, what is Turbo3CashMashine &
how do I make money with it?

Turbo3CashMashine is a very simple money making system that earns you multiple $3 payments throughout the day. To start, there is a one time $3 joining fee. You never have to pay anything else again. Once you have joined Turbo3CashMashine, you can start receiving $3 payments immediately if you follow simple steps from your members area! It’s so easy. There are no offers to complete like a lot of other companies. Everything is totally safe and secure because it goes through PayPal.


– The Unemployed
– The Underpaid
– College Students
– Retirees
– People who need more income
– People who are sick of their jobs
– People who need more time to enjoy life
– People who want a change
– People who want to enrich their life
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– People who are just sick and tired of work from home scams.
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Undisclosed by Steve Alten



A veteran of the Iraq war is appointed Under Secretary of Defense in order to penetrate a secret government purposely black-shelving zero-point-energy, a clean, abundant energy source reverse-engineered from downed UFOs. Are Extraterrestrials and UFOs real? Are there secret subterranean military bases hiding advanced technologies that date back to the incident at Roswell? Is there a False Flag in the works intended to wipe out billions? Steve Alten’s UNDISCLOSED is a mind-opening thriller of “faction” which incorporates testimonials from military and intelligence personnel who were actual eyewitnesses and participants involved in the greatest secret in history.
“There is far more to existence than what you were taught in school, Mr. Shariak. The truth has been purposely hidden from us… the knowledge stolen, concealed between conspiracy theory and conspiracy fact and your ability to distinguish between the two may just save your life and our planet.”
“I understand.”
Dr. Manley snorted a laugh. “You haven’t a clue. Once you enter the Rabbit’s Hole you’ll be considered a threat to the status quo. Zero-point-energy will not just replace fossil fuels; it is the game-changer that will eliminate hunger and poverty, pollution and climate change, disease and war… it will skyrocket the global economy and place every nation on an even playing field. Free, clean energy unlocks the door to humanity’s evolution as a species and we’ve possessed the key for 70 years, only the gatekeepers refused to allow us to use it in order to protect the oil oligarchs and the military industrial complex. It is the new physics that allows us to explore the galaxy and beyond.”
“Wait… Are you saying we have the means to travel faster than the speed of light?”
“Yes. Only we didn’t invent it. We reverse-engineered it.”
“Reverse-engineered it? From who?”

Three years ago, N.Y. Times best-selling author Steve Alten was given access to testimonials from military intelligence regarding the undisclosed TRUTH about UFOs, Extraterrestrials, secret subterranean bases… and zero-point-energy – a free, clean source of energy that has purposely been black-shelved since the events at Roswell Army Air Force Base in 1947. All is revealed in the pages of this mind-blowing thriller – a novel of “faction” written to provide a glimpse of what awaits us as a species – depending upon the path we choose.


I couldn’t wait for this book to come out for three reasons, one – I love Steve Alten books and have read every one he has written,two – I’m a character in this book and three – I’ve read Dr Steven Greer’s Unacknowledged book (reviewed on my blog) and wanted to know how this book interacted with Unacknowledged. Steve Alten writes ‘faction’ which is fiction interweaved with fact, which makes for a very interesting read.

The story revolves around Adam Shariak, who manages to get himself promoted to Under Secretary of Defence with ‘cosmic’ security clearance. His backers were hoping to get him in ‘under the radar’ before those responsible for withholding these reversed engineered clean energy systems could eliminate him. This story is gripping and shows the lengths the elite will go to cover their treacherous ways.There are some great characters, obviously mine, who will probably be played by Al Pacino in the movie and many others. A riveting read and one that anyone will enjoy.

I have read some reviews of this book that seem to forget that this is a story. Yes, it talks about extraterrestrials and some of you might think that only crazy people talk about this subject with a certain amount of seriousness (which is what the elite and media want us to believe), but it also talks about a very serious matter for all of us – how we are killing this planet and if we don’t do something about it soon we will have gone past the point of no return! I don’t think any of us, unless you have had your head in a bucket, deny that global warming,plastic, human waste, fossil fuel etc is harming our environment. If there is an energy source that is free for all of us i, for one, cannot believe that it is being kept from us just because the elite might lose some of their fortune. They certainly won’t be able to take it with them when they pass on but they may regret what they have done when they are on their death beds….but it may be too late for the rest of us! Are there secret underground complexes that are housing crashed UFO’s and dead aliens?, did we cause two UFO’s to crash at Roswell? Did we find a living alien in the wreckage and did we keep him alive for a number of years? Are we stupid enough to believe that we could be the only planet with living beings? Do the aliens believe we are too violent to be given access to space vehicles that can travel millions of miles in Space? Are we really as advanced as we think?   It doesn’t matter what your beliefs are, this is a very interesting book and you need it in your life, now!

In the US you can buy this book here:

In the UK you can buy it here:


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Review of ThinkTeck Magnetic USB Cable High Speed Sync and Quick Charging Core with LED Status Display Support One – Handed Operation Inside the Car for Micro USB Devices,Silver

iphone cable 1

  • 2 in 1 magnetic usb charging cable, comes with 1 micro usb adapter and 1 lightning adapter for Android and Apple smartphones and tablets with standard charging and data transfer/sync
  • Magnetic quick connect to USB cable, one handed operation is convenient and flexible.
  • It is a simple yet perfect solution to prevent frayed charging cables, tripping over cable resulting in smashed phones, pointless fiddling to plug in cable in the dark, and more.
  • 3.3ft in length for better use.
  • Ideal for car use easy and safe.


I don’t know about you but I’m always running out of iphone cables. Either my children steal them when they visit or they just stop working, I’m not sure so I jumped at the chance to check out this new cable.

iphone cable 2

So this cable is for those of you that like the ‘Apple Mac’ magnetic cable that magically snaps into place without you having to fuss around trying to get the cable into the charging socket. Basically there are two small adapters, a male and female part that you slot into the charging port of your iphone or ipad. Then all you have to do is hold the cable near to that adapter and it snaps into place with ease. There is a small led light on the top of the charger which lights up red when your item requires charging and turns green when fully charged. You can either plug the usb end into your normal charger plug or into a USB port on your computer to charge.

Is there any disadvantage to this cable? The only one I could find was that I normally charge my phone in an iphone dock overnight so to do this I had to remove the adapter from the phone. As the adapter is very small it is quite easy to lose.

iphone cable 4

iphone cable

However, this is a very small point and one I can live with. I like this cable and would buy another when i need a new one.

You can buy one here:


Unacknowledged – An Expose Of The World’s Greatest Secret by Steven Greer M.D


The Biggest Lie in History is about to be Shattered.
UFOs are real. In late June of 1947, three extraterrestrial craft were downed outside Roswell Air Force Base. Many more followed, revealing dozens of ET species and a Rosetta Stone to a new physics an energy generation and propulsion system responsible for interstellar space travel. This new system could have easily replaced oil, gas, coal, nuclear plants and with them, the entire geo-political and economic order on our planet — only a cabal of bankers, the Military Industrial Complex, and Big Oil stopped it. We’ve been lied to. And now, 70 years after Roswell the witnesses to that lie have come forward to testify in a MUST-READ book that will shock the world. Look for the accompanying documentary to be released from The Orchard, a division of Sony.


Are we being lied to? Is there a clean energy source that could save our planet? Are the elite keeping this from us so they can line their pockets with their dirty cash? Read this book to find out!

I had been waiting for this book to come out for some time and it did not disappoint. Whether you believe in UFO’s and Aliens or not, this book is a very interesting read. Steven Greer M.D is probably the most qualified person to write about this subject having had one of the top security clearances giving him access to, not only alien artefacts, but to the people who have witnessed alien craft and aliens close up.  He talks about Zero Point energy, obtained from the alien technology reverse engineered from crashed alien crafts, that should be made accessible to all and would prevent famine and would save our planet.Why are Governments and the elite preventing us from this energy source? To line their pockets and to feed their greed. When the truth comes out these people should be imprisoned.

With a huge collection of unclassified documents and witnesses, who have signed contracts that they nor their families will come to any harm, giving expert testimonies  to what they have seen, this book will convert even the most staunch opponents. This book actually gives you those documents to look at proving their existence and you will be amazed.

I was interested in this subject anyway and there is a big section that talks about the Rendlesham Forest UFO. I live 20 minutes from the forest but had never been there and a family member is the best friend of one of the police officers sent to the forest that night so I was fully aware of the incident.  On reading the book I decided to go and have a look at the 5km UFO trail in the forest.

IMG_3038This is the famous East Gate


One of the many manhole covers for the tunnels under the bases


The supposed replica of the craft seen in the forest


The markings on the craft seen by Col. Holt that night


Some of the Forestry Commission signs


It is a very pleasant walk around the forest, a bit creepy really, and seems very popular.

So, even if you don’t ‘believe’ this book will keep you captivated and well worth a look

In the US you can buy it here:

On Kindle for $10.19 –

Hardback for $23.36 –

The DVD documentary for $14.99 –

In the UK you can buy it here:

On Kindle for £8.01 –

Hardback for £17.37 –

The DVD documentary for £13.99 –

In Germany you can buy it here:

On Hardback for €21.84 –

The DVD documentary for €16.99 –

This book is also linked to the new fiction book Undisclosed by Steve Alten


You can buy it here in the US:

Or here in the UK:

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Review of Just For Men Control Gx 2-In-1 Grey reducing shampoo and conditioner

control gx

  • Just for Men Control GX Shampoo & Conditioner – Gradually reduces grey
  • Subtle, natural-looking results
  • Cleans, conditions, & revitalizes hair
  • For any shade of hair


FullSizeRender (8)

As you can see, I was starting to get really grey. I hadn’t really noticed as my hair is darker at the front but it wasn’t until someone took a photo in the office and I wondered who the old fella was in the background and suddenly I realised it was me!

I have tried hair dyes in the past but they just turned my hair orange, not a good look really! So I was under the impression that I didn’t really have a lot of choice and would have to go the rest of my career being called ‘snowy’ and ‘old man’.

That was until I saw the new Just for Men grey reducing shampoo and conditioner. This stuff doesn’t dye your hair after one application it gradually turns your hair colour so people don’t even notice.

I have taken a photo each day since I started to use it:


As you can see, this has been a very gradual colour change.

To use, you just wet you hair over a sink or bath, put a small pebble sized amount of the lotion in the palm of your hand and then massage it into your hair like normal shampoo. Rince your hands as soon as you are done, leave on for 1 minute and rince off thoroughly. Be aware that if you don’t rince your hands thoroughly you will end up with black fingernails! Use it every day until you get the desired result…easy peasy!

This is a great product and works perfectly, I would definitely recommend this product.

In the US you can buy it here:

In the UK you can buy it here:


Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Silvered Dial Ladies Watch 15451OR.ZZ.1256OR.01 For Sale


18kt pink gold case with a 18kt pink gold bracelet.

Fixed 18kt pink gold bezel set with 40 diamonds.

Silvered (grande tapestry) dial with pink gold-tone hands and index hour markers.

Minute markers around the outer rim.

Dial Type: Analog.

Luminescent hands and markers.

Date display at the 3 o’clock position.

Audemars Piguet calibre 3120 automatic movement with a 60-hour power reserve.

Scratch resistant sapphire crystal.

Screw down crown.

Transparent case back.

Case size: 37 mm. Case thickness: 9.8 mm.

Octagonal case shape.

Fold over clasp.

Water resistant at 50 meters / 165 feet.

Functions: date, hour, minute, second.

Luxury watch style.

Watch label: Swiss Made.

Watch Information
Brand, Seller, or Collection Name Audemars Piguet
Part Number 15451OR.ZZ.1256OR.01
Item Shape Octagonal
Display Type Analog
Case diameter 37 millimeters
Case Thickness 9.80
Band Material Gold
Dial color Silvered (Grande Tapestry)
Bezel material Fixed
Calendar Date display at the 3 o’clock position
Movement Automatic
Water resistant depth 50 Meters

Price: $35,795.00

Buy it here:

Naava Sapphire and 12 Diamond Set Shoulders 9 ct Yellow Gold Ring For Sale

Naava ring

  • Sapphire, September’s birthstone, is a gemstone that is available in various colours most commonly shades of blue and pink Ideal cut reflects most of the light that enters it for a quality sparkle
  • Hallmarked by the London Assay Office
  • Created from yellow gold for a warm and classic tone
  • Sapphire, September’s birthstone, is a gemstone that is available in various colours most commonly shades of blue and pink
  • Ideal cut reflects most of the light that enters it for a quality sparkle
  • Retail Price: £295.00
  • Our Price: ££181.00 – £211.00
  • You can buy one here:



Roto Clipper Electric Nail Trimmer and Nail File, White & Green


I saw this advertised in our local supermarket on one of those JML video stands and needing a new nail clipper thought I would give it a try. This is the selling shizzle:

About the product
  • PERFECT, EFFORTLESS TRIM: The Roto Clipper electric trimmer is the safe way to trim your nails and is perfect for use on kids
  • ERGONOMIC DESIGN: Designed for easy and pain free use on fingernails unlike your outdated manual nail trimmer RECESSED
  • ROTATING BLADES: Beveled blade spins at 500 RPM using one side to trim nails and one side to file nails
  • SMOOTH, EVEN EDGES: Built in light helps trim and file nails perfectly every time
  • WHAT YOU GET: One Roto Clipper Electric Nail Trimmer + One brush + A removable head for easy cleaning. The Roto Clipper is a great gift for both men and women for birthdays, Christmas, Valentines Day, or any other occasion
  • Note: If using it for several hours, nail trimmings can build up inside the device and affect the functionality. Need to clean the item after the use.Cleaning instruction is provided in the user manual.

Ok, So I don’t have the perfect finger nails, yes i have the disgusting habit of biting them now and again when I get stressed! As for my toenails, well lets not go there!

Anyway, I managed to get the clipper out of the adult proof packaging and slotted in my brand new batteries in the bottom section. Flicked the switch on the main body and hey presto! success, it worked. It sure looks good on the advert but what I failed to notice was that you need talons, not nails. There is a tiny slot in the top end where you are supposed to push your nail into. Well, not matter what I did I couldn’t get my nail in there far enough to do anything! Disappointing!

rotoclipper 1

So, not to be defeated I tried one of my toe nails. Now, these are a bit longer so I had high hopes. With great trepidation i pushed my toenail into the slot. There was a bit of grinding so I pulled my toe back and saw that it had chopped off a sliver of nail. But that was where my joy ended as unless you have flat nails you can only do the tips of them.

So, for me, a bloody useless bit of kit! As for the laser light:

rotoclipper 2

What this is supposed to do i’m not sure. It’s just a blue light, and pretty useless!rotoclipper 3rotoclipper 4


So unless you have long flat nails don’t bother wasting your money on this piece of plastic.

If you do have long flat nails you can buy one here:

SONGMICS 24 Watch Box Large Watch Case Glass Top Black Display Organizer Faux Leather UJWB024 For Sale

watch case

  • TOP-NOTCH CRAFT: Made of quality black faux leather and soft gray velvet, this watch box is super excellent to protect your beloved watches from scratch and damage
  • 24 SLOTS WATCH DISPLAY CASE: Enough space with 24 removable velvet pillows, wonderful gift choice and home jewelry decoration
  • LARGE REAL GLASS LID: Real glass lid keeps your watches from dust, and offers you an open view of the displayed watches
  • METAL HINGE & LOCK: The lid has a metal hinge attached to keep it from falling back. Metal lock with keys makes sure of safety
  • MULTI-FUNCTIONAL COMPARTMENT: Suit for watches, hairpin, cuff links, brooches, and other stuff
  • This SONGMICS 24 slots watch case allows all the watch enthusiasts to show your watches while keeping them away from dust, fingerprints, scratches and thieves.
    Besides, with a stylish design and constructed from high quality faux leather and velvet, this watch case is good for personal and shop use. It’s also a great gift idea.
    The watch box is secured with a snap lock (2 keys included), it will be multifunctional once you remove the pillows.

    – Material: Faux Leather, Velvet, Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF)
    – Window: Glass
    – Color: Black Watch Box, Grey Pillows
    – Slots: 24 individual compartments with removable cushions
    – Product Size: 17 1/8″L x 11 5/8″W x 3 3/8″H (43.5 x 29.5 x 8.5cm)
    – Partition Size: 3 1/2″L x 1 3/4″W (9 x 4.5cm); Pillow Size: 3″L x 1 3/4″W x 1 5/8″H (7.5 x 4.5 x 4cm)
    – Net Weight: 6.1lb (2.78kg)

    Package Contents:
    – 1 x Watch Box
    – 2 x Keys

  • Price: $37.99
  • Buy it here:

Rolex Ladies New Style Heavy Band Stainless Steel & 18K Gold Datejust Model 179173 Jubilee Band Fluted Bezel White Roman Dial For Sale

rolex ladies dayjust

  • Case measurements: 26 mm in diameter x 11 mm thick
  • Water resistance: 10 ATM/100 meters/330 feet
  • Movement: Automatic
  • Crystal: Sapphire
  • Crown: Screw-down
  • Rolex Datejust watches for ladies are among the most popular lady Rolex watches on the market.
  • Lady-Datejust Watches are especially known for their elegance, beauty and quality. Rolex has been a status symbol since the early 1900’s because they know how to build a perfect timepiece in terms of both beauty and functionality.
  • Watch Information
    Brand, Seller, or Collection Name Rolex
    Model number 179173.JWR
    Part Number 179173.JWR
    Item Shape Round
    Dial window material type Anti reflective sapphire
    Display Type Analog
    Case diameter 26 millimeters
    Band width 12 millimeters
    Dial color White
    Special features Case measurements: 26 mm in diameter x 11 mm thick, Water resistance: 10 ATM/100 meters/330 feet, Movement: Automatic, Crystal: Sapphire, Crown: Screw-down
    Movement Automatic
    Water resistant depth 300 Feet
    Price: $7,395.00
    Buy it here:


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