FREDI Wifi IP Security Camera 720P Wifi Surveillance Video Camera


Product description

FREDI 720P Security wireless camera, top of the line photo, audio and video recording tool.

● This device is day&night recording and is able to capture anything at any time.
● It is easy to use and can be used by anyone.
● Full HD 720P video quality: Your videos will come out with impeccable resolution and precision.
● This device features Motion Detection and AV (Audio Visual) output at the same time.
● It supports micro SD card up to 64GB, but SD card not included in the package.

This camera also features IR (Infrared) night vision, it can shoot clear videos even in the dark!

Surveillance Uses:
● Baby Monitor
● Vacation Home Monitoring
● Pet Monitoring
● Business Monitoring
● Car recorder
● Meeting Recording
● Nanny Camera

Guarantee and Bonus:
● Full 1-Year FREDI Manufacturer Warranty
● Professional Service Support 24/7 online to assist with any needs

Temperature and Climate Specifications:
● This device performs best at room temperature, please do not use it under high temperature
● Do not expose this device to humid conditions as it is not waterproof

This device requires a micro SD card (SD Card not included in the package) to save video. A High speed class 10 SD card is suggested.
This camera only supports 2.4G WiFi, it can’t support 5G WiFi.

After buying a trail camera for outside security I wanted something indoors and I’ve always wanted to try one of these. This one had good reviews and is decently priced.


Opening the box the camera itself is fairly small, which is a very good thing cause if a burglar breaks in if you position it right they won’t even see it. I would prefer a bear trap but it’s illegal in the U.K.!


There is a nice long lead and a USB plug included. Download the app, link your camera to your Wi-fi once you have turned it on and it works straight away. The camera takes up to a 64gb micro sd card and just slots in the back of the camera.the picture quality is brilliant and you can’t even really see it.


I installed it before I went to work and then accessed the app when my wife got home and she didn’t even notice it until I activated the voice button and spoke to her through the camera..fantastic!


Just download the app (ios or android) link the camera to your wifi and the app will find the camera and that’s it…simples!

The night vision is crystal clear as well. For storage you can use the micro sd card or purchase cloud storage, $10 for 6 months or $20 for 12 months. It has a motion detection feature and then it alerts you when the camera is triggered by email or push. I took mine off as my cats triggered it all the time but I will put it on when on holiday.


I love this camera and my best purchase on Amazon ever! If you want indoor security then this is excellent.

You can buy one here for £29.99:

TACKLIFE Metal Detector with Adjustable Stem & Sensitivity Waterproof Coil


Product description

TACKLIFE Metal Detector – This professional metal detector offers a new and exclusive technology
that makes it ideal for hunting coins, relics, caches, jewelery and even gold nuggets
in shallow water and beach areas. 

★★★How to install the metal detector???:
<1> Insert the coil cable plug into the 5 pin jack connected with S stem;
<2> Secure the nut on the plug properly;
<3> Loosen the lock nut on the stem and lighten the mid stem;
<4> Sheathe the mid stem on S stem aligning the holes on the stems;
<5> Secure with the fixing knob;
<6> Turn the stem’s lock nut counter clockwise to lock it in place;

√ Two Operation Modes :ALL METAL & DISC
√ Waterproof: Allows you to search for the metal objects under shallow water;
√ Adjustable Volume:The volume level of the speaker and headphones can be adjusted;
√ Great Metal Pointer:If metal is found,it will swings to the right direction;
√ 1 x 9V alkaline battery: Battery supplied with the detector,So you can use right out of the box;

1. The control box is not waterproof.
2. If the DISC button is turned clockwise to the end, most of the metals are excluded, except for Silver (25 ¢, 50 ¢ and 1 $)
3. If you are looking for high mineral situation or if there are interferences from other instruments, the test results will be influenced. In this case, you can lower the sensitivity.

1 x metal detector
1 x 9V alkaline battery
1 x carrying bag
1 x user manual

I bought this as I wanted to start a new hobby and have a friend who does this all the time. He recommended this detector as it is fairly priced and is a good starter one.


It is easy to put together, just one screw, pop the battery in and away you go!


The detector is sensitive to about 6 inches and the sensitivity is adjustable.


To use on a beach you do not need any permission as long as you keep to between low and high tide marks. If you want to detect on fields you need permission from the landowner. If you want to detect on public footpaths or land you need permission from the local council.


I am very pleased with this and can’t wait to use it in the better weather
 I am very pleased with this and can’t wait to use it in the better weather although it can be used in shallow water as it is waterproof.
You can buy one for £62.99 here:

Magnetic Tool Belt/Wrist band with 10 Powerful Magnets for Holding Tools,Screws,Nails,Bolts,Drill Bits,Screwdriver

amazon band

  • ▶WIDE APPLICATION▶ Ideal for home improvement, construction, carpentry, auto repair, and many other DIY projects. It’s also great for fixing ceiling fans, recessed lighting, HVAC systems, electronic repair, model building, hobbyists, scrap-booking, sewing, gardening, and etc.
  • ▶TIME SAVER AS A THIRD HELPING HAND▶ Whether you’ve been tasked with an important construction project, a DIY home improvement job, or a simple fix-it measurements
  • Magnet: N35,5 pieces
    Material: 1680D Ballistic Polyester and Nylon
    Size: 37×9 cm
    Weight: 50g
  • Price: £7.99
  • amazon magnets
  • I’m one of those DIYers that stuffs screws and nails into my mouth to keep my hands free. I didn’t really think about what might be on those screws and nails, like rats pee and dirt, yuk! I saw this magnetic wristband and thought what a good idea and for the price it was cheap. The band is fully adjustable with the Velcro fastening and the band contains strong magnets which hold onto, not only screws and nails but Allen keys and screwdrivers, drill bits etc.
    This is a decent bit of kit and I will be getting my son one as well
  • packet.jpg
  • You can buy one here:

BROADCARE Water Flosser Portable Rechargeable Oral Irrigator Cordless Flosser with Ultra Fine Water Flow (White)

amazon flosser

  • BROADCARE dental irrigator delivers water pressure from 40 to 90 PSI with 1400 pulses per minutes, quickly clean up plague and bacteria between teeth and gum which is hard to clean
  • 3 operation modes (Normal, Soft, Pulse) with LED indicating light provide more choices for you and massage teeth gum preventing the formation of periodontitis
  • Built-in rechargeable lithium battery lasts for longer time than normal one and 2 minutes auto-timer function gets you rid of wasting energy because of carelessness
  • 150 ml/5.29 oz high capacity detachable water tank and convenient water tank mouth at the bottom help you fill and drain water fast
  • FDA certification for 360 Degree rotated detachable nozzles and the whole waterproof body gives you powerful safety guarantee
  • Charging Dust Plug: High quality charging dust plug gives you double protection during charge and use process;
    Low Noise Design: The noise is about 75 decibels and under human ear comfort limit;
    Explosion-proof Design: Explosion-proof hole at the bottom of the machine perfectly adjusts the inner and outside pressure providing you powerful safety;

    3 operation modes:
    Normal:For normal cleaning
    Soft:For gentle cleaning of sensitive gums
    Pulse:For cleaning and massaging the gums

    Tank capacity:150 ml/5.29 oz
    Charging Cord Length: 5.87 feet
    Product Dimension: 2.2 x 2.91 x 10.75 inches
    Package Dimension: 5.85 x 9.17 x 3.12 inches
    2 minutes auto-timer function

    Package includes:
    Water Flosser x 1; Detachable Nozzle x 2; Charge Adapter x 1; User Manual x 1


    • This appliance can be used by children over 8 years old and people with reduce physical,sensory or mental capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge if they have been given supervision or instruction in using the appliance in a safe way and understand the hazards involved.
    • Do not fill the tank with water warmer than 40 Degrees Celsius.
    • Do not submerge the device in water.
    • People who experience tooth or gum pain may not be able to use this device and should consult dentist.
    • Price: 29.99
    • amazon buttons
    • I bought this item really for the plaque removing aspect and also due to the good reviews it had.
    • amazon uses
    •  I was not disappointed with three different modes it gives a powerful flow which really does get right in there.
    • amazon
    • This u it is easy to fill and pretty easy to use and doesn’t cover the whole bathroom in a film of water! Overall I’m impressed with it so far!
    • Top tip: Purse your lips around the tip of the nozzle and this stops the water spraying everywhere. Also remember to stop the flosser before you take it out of your mouth otherwise the cat gets soaked!
    • IMG_3665IMG_3666
    • You can buy one here:

Bestope Makeup Brush Set-16pcs Professional Make Up Brushes Cosmetic Makeup Brushes Set with Soft Synthetic and Vegan Bristles -Rose Gold

amazon brush line up

  • ENTIRE BRUSH SET FOR FLAWLESS FACE: Bestope newest makeup set including 5pcs basic big kabuki cosmetic brushes and 11pcs precision makeup brushes allows makeup lovers to do any makeup application such like eye shadow, brows, lips, foundation and more
  • VELVETY, SILKY SYNTHETIC FIBERS: soft, dense brush hairs designed to dispense the cream, liquid or powder product evenly on your face but not soak up them, never shed or hurt your skin, fit for all skin types even the sensitive skin
  • QUALITY-ASSURED AND GORGEOUS DESIGN: high quality durable wooden handles in classic black color ,glossy bristle ferrule in decadent rose gold and smooth synthetic fibers in chocolate and taro looks fashionable and gorgeous, never corrode or rust, sturdy and non-toxic
  • FLAWLESS MAKEUP: with these multi-functional makeup brushes, everyday feel magnifying satisfaction for flawless looks. Works well for foundation, blush, blending, contouring, shading, highlighting, eye shadow, eyebrow, concealer, and more
  • BEST GIFT IDEA FOR BOTH WOMEN AND MEN: designed for makeup artists and professional cosmetic use but also for amateurs. Perfect for day use, artistic performance, costume party, cosplay and more
  • Soft Synthetic Fibers & Durable Handle
    The soft synthetic fibers won’t soak up liquids and creams, but spread it evenly on your face for a perfectly blended look. The wooden handle is firm and easy to hold.

    Brushes includes:
    Angled brush
    Flat angled brush
    Face flat brush
    Round brush
    Tapered brush
    Angled eyeshadow brush
    Blending brush
    Concealer brush
    Detail brush
    Classic detail brush
    Precise brush
    Angled detail brush
    Eyeliner brush
    Powder brush
    Angled eyebrow and eyelash brush
    Eyebrow and eyelash brush

    How To Clean Bestope Makeup Brushes?
    1.Wash bristle in lukewarm water, Don’t use hot water otherwise it may damage bristle;
    2.Gently squeeze out excess water;
    3.Apply some soap or olive oil on your palm;
    4.Massage bristle in your palm in circular motion under running lukewarm water until the water gets clean, be careful not to get handles wet;
    5.Use facial tissue or makeup cleaning tissue to squeeze water from brush by pressing it softy , Don’t twist the brush hair;
    6.Let the bristle dry in the air naturally, Don’t use a drier or expose the brush to the sunshine

    Package contents:
    1×16pcs Bestope Makeup Brush Set(Rose Gold and Black)
    1×User Manual

  • Price: £13.99
  • amazon brush names
  • My wife ordered this set as, apparently, you can’t have too many make-up brushes! When they arrived she was impressed by the number of different brushes you get in this set, there are brushes with angled bristles, flat top, pointed ones, mini ones…you name it this set seems to have it.
  • brush-line-up.jpg
  • amazon brush quality
  • She is very impressed with them and says she will reorder them when she gets low( not this decade surely?)
  • brush-heads.jpg

You can buy a set here:

B.Catcher Stud Earrings Cubic Zirconia 925 Sterling Silver Cute Fish Earring Studs

amazon earrings

Brand Name: B.Catcher;
Material: Sterling Silver;
Identifier: S925;
Size: 9mm*5.5mm;
Weight: 0.99g;

Price: £12.99

amazon earrings in box

I had already bought my wife a lovely necklace so I obviously had to buy earrings as well! The earrings come in a classy box which is wrapped in plastic to protect it during transit. Opening the box the earring lie side by side and also covered in plastic.

earrings in box

They give off a fabulous sparkle And look expensive. My wife put them in straight away and loves them.

These are an excellent present for any time of the year but especially for valentines!

You can buy a pair here:


B.Catcher Valentines Gift for Women Necklace 925 Sterling Silver “Crazy Love” Pendant Necklaces with 18inch Box Chain

Amazon face on

Brand Name: B.Catcher;
Material: Sterling Silver;
Identifier: S925;
Weight: 3.79g;
Size: 19.6mm*15mm;
Necklace: Box Chain;
Stone: Cubic Zirconia, 5.5mm.

Price: £15.99

I purchased this for my wife as a sort of early valentine gift. The necklace comes in a lovely box with padded top with B.Catcher embossed in the top. The case is covered in plastic so no chance of damage in transit. On opening the necklace is also wrapped in plastic.


It is a stunning piece and looks a lot more expensive than the cost. It looks like 925 silver jewellery and give off a lovely sparkle. My wife loves it and it is being worn already!


This is a gorgeous necklace and if you want to buy a valentines gift for a loved one you won’t go too far wrong with this!

You can buy one here:

BESTOPE Vanity Makeup Mirror

mirror amazon

  • CAREFULLY CRAFTED MIRROR: the surface of mirrors is plated with UV coating which makes the makeup mirror luscious, durable and resistant from scratch. this premium mirror is more sleek and polished, ensuring the best experience.
  • 21 PIECES LED LIGHT: Our makeup mirror is built-in 21 pieces adjustable LED lighted brightness, allow you makeup in the dark or poorly lit areas. LED lights on/off controlled by the touch sensor switch.
  • 3X MAGNIFICATION SPOT MIRROR: 3 panels and a wide-angle viewing for you to see clearly your facial features and make a perfect makeup with each detail taken care of. Perfect for shaving, brushing your teeth, flossing, exfoliating, makeup and more.
  • 180-DEGREE FREE ROTATION: The vanity mirror stands on your countertop can be freely adjusted and fixed, ensuring a perfect and comfortable viewing angle. Tri-fold and detachable design makes you can take it anywhere you go.
  • DOUBLE POWER SUPPLY: This LED mirror powered by 4 AAA batteries (not included), or use the USB cable to attach a USB adapter to make it work (The mirror can not store power itself). The Newer Model is Strip Lights Makeup Mirror (ASIN: B075VNBT5S)
  • Price: £19.99
  • Life Just like Mirror, Smile to it, It Will Smile Back To You, BESTOPE 21 LED Lighted Vanity Mirror Illuminate Your Beautiful Life.

    BESTOPE Lighted Makeup Mirror cares you by its way, provides a clean and bright reflection and allows you to get the most natural application of makeup, even at night.

    Why All We Like The BESTOPE LED Lighted Makeup Mirror? 
    In order to make you have a better using experience, here are some tips for you to use it.

    Step1: Put 4pcs AAA batteries in(not included) or plug the USB wire tightly in the USB port in the mirror;
    Step 2: After fully charging, please press the big circle in the front of the mirror.( the big circle is on the bottom of the mirror.)
    Step 3: If you want to adjust the brightness of the light, you can just press the circle button for 2-3 seconds, it will adjust the brightness.

    We will check and make sure every mirror is fully protected when shipped out. But if the package you receive happen to be broken during the transportation, please look out and contact with us at first time. We will take care of this.

    BESTOPE Makeup Mirror * 1
    Mirco USB Cable * 1
    User Manual * 1

  • measurements
  • My wife purchased this mirror. She broke her last one (I know, the next seven years are screwed!) and stumbled across this one. She liked the three mirror design and the led lights are an added extra. The mirror is easily constructed, just push it into the base and it clicks into place. There is a usb cable included which runs the lights if you are happy to have it plugged in all the time. If not it takes 4 x AAA batteries.
  • mirror uses amazon
  • When you open the two side mirrors, press the power button and the lights come on automatically, nice touch. The unit is large but when the side mirrors are folded in it is a manageable size and the wife loves it!
  • img_3572.jpg
  • You can buy one from Seller Bestope for £19.99 here:

BROADCARE Wrist Blood Pressure Monitor

monitor amazon

  • Accurate and Reliable – BROADCARE best blood pressure monitor produces highly accurate readings using advanced technology. This inflates the cuff to peak pressure tailored to your own blood pressure level
  • Perfect to use – All operations on 2 buttons; large LCD screen showing you clearly all the readings about your health, and the irregular heartbeat detector alerts you while you are under this situation
  • Small size and Innovative design – With the portable BROADCARE automatic blood pressure monitor you’ll be able to recognize changes to blood pressure at any time at home or away
  • USB Charging – With the USB charging design offer you a easier charging way, never worry about the charging problem. what is more, automatic shutdown in one minute when there is no operation
  • Double 99 Memory Groups – With 99 memory groups which can offer you a more averaged readings with all saved and measured values (morning and evening)

My wife is a Health Care Assistant so is an expert in taking blood pressure. She still uses the old method of a manual pump up arm band and a stethoscope. I have had problems with high blood pressure and the GP suggested one of these to monitor it.


It doesn’t just monitor your blood pressure but can detect an irregular heart beat as well.


The monitor comes in an easy to clean white plastic box, which also contains the USB charging cable and instruction manual.


This was so easy to use, wrap it around one of your wrists, make sure it’s fairly tight, press the Power button and the band inflates. It will then bleep with the reading, easy!!


When my wife then checked it with the old method it was almost identical. Really good manual and charging cable included. Therefore I am very happy with this item.

You can buy one from Seller Broadcare for £13.15 here:



Kitchen Scale, 5kg Multifunction Food Scale with Tare Function


  • Built with a high quality strain gauge weighs up to 11lb / 5kg, in precise graduations of 0.1 oz. Perfect for measuring multiple ingredients during cooking and baking
  • Time display; g/oz switchable; zero/tare function; battery (CR2032) included
  • Removable stylish tempered glass platform for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Precision tare button calculates the net weight of your ingredients (automatically subtracts the weight of any bowl or container)
  • Retail package includes: kitchen scale with battery, instruction manual, life-time warranty from Helect
  • Price £12.99


I bought these scales for my wife as her previous set gave up the ghost. I picked this set due to the stainless steel look that goes with the rest of the kitchen appliances. There is a handy glass top which is easily cleaned.


The scales have a handy Tare function which means that you can place your container on the scales empty, press the Tare button which zeros the display and then add your ingredients.

time button

With a press of the button you can change the display from measurement to the time.


It looks very sleek and my wife is very happy with them.

You can buy a set of these from Seller Helect here: 


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